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    Novelties 2018!

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    First in the WORLD

    Wireless system for TVI cameras


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    Without the project, powered by lighting lantern

    • complete system:
    • camera, battery,
    • recorder, radio module

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    Easy as analog, good as IP

    The easiest system to wireless IP cameras
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    Producer of Wireless
    transmission system

    for AHD cameras

    AHD-L i AHD-M resolutions supported

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    • - 4 ports 10/100 Mb/s with PoE 15.4W for IP cameras
    • - for cameras powered by PoE 802.3af standard
    • mounted on a mast or wall - IP65

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    Video and audio transmission system

    for IP cameras

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    Wireless video transmission

    for HDCVI

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    Wireless Control Transceiver
    for the Industrial Automation
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    Black Link mini
    Miniature wireless
    HDMI transmitter
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About us

iCAM-MobileHD II - online preview by LTE

Above you can see an image online, live from the latest iCAM-MobileHD II mobile camera sent via LTE with the simCAM card.

In order to provide full access to the camera, PTZ control and service testing, please contact the CAMSAT sales department. More about mobile cameras here.

About us

IP wireless monitoring - production of wireless cameras, PoE + switches for CCTV, rapid deployment camera and everything related to wireless video.

Manufacturer of wireless video transmitters and receivers for CCTV applications.

CAMSAT specializes in production of radio electronic devices intended for CCTV and TV. Our radio links might be used in security system, where the use of traditional wired solutions is impossible or uneconomical. Our customers have a choice of high quality analogue video transmission kits as well as digital IP HD video links. Each CAMSAT`s wireless video transmitter is characterized by excellent technical parameters and high quality standards. Advanced levels of technology deliver high reliability, durability and performance of each video sender. We also undertake to design and deliver customized microwave kits for special orders. We care about building a dialogue with our customers and so improve and increase reliability of our wireless cctv systems. We are not afraid of complicated solutions, which can satisfy the most demanding customers and perfectly meet their obligations.

Wireless CVI monitoring

Mobile video surveillance camera

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The world's first wireless system for TurboHD cameras (TVI)

The world's first wireless system for TurboHD cameras (TVI)

Added 2018-01-10

CAM-TVI2.0 - wireless system for TVI cameras

As a result of the work of our engineers, we completed the project of first in the world wireless system for TVI 2.0 cameras. 

We have created a wireless system for 2Mpix cameras in TVI (TurboHD) technology with a radio range of 500 m.



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A new municipal safety level!

A new municipal safety level!

Added 2017-11-13

A new level of municipal security: iCAM-MobileHD 2

The newest iCAM-MobileHD 2 mobile cameras:

  •  Own power supply for more than 3 days
  •  LTE: PTZ remote control, preview and recording of HD images
  •  Anti-theft system and geolocation
  •  Internal registration up to 90 days
  •  Optical zoom over 250m (x25 or x30)
  •  IR night vision at 150m
  •  Compatible with VMS Milestone, Bosch, QNAP and many more
  •  Remote image preview possible even on TV with HDMI

 ... there is a lot of options

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X-CAM switch II

X-CAM switch II


                                                                                                                       An innovative switch for large IP cameras

4 x PoE+ (120W);   Optical fiber SC;   IP65;   230V AC

X-CAM II Switches are external switches for IP cameras in PoE + IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3af technology. They even work with large PTZ cameras with IR

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CDS-6IP Multi + CDS-6IPeco set for 4 IP cameras

CDS-6IP Multi + CDS-6IPeco set for 4 IP cameras

CDS-6IPMulti and CDS-6IPeco is easy in configuration wireless transmission set for 4 IP cameras

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CDS-EasyIP eco

CDS-EasyIP eco

Easy in configuration, wireless transmission system, set by DIPswitch.

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 X-CAMswitch - External PoE switch

X-CAMswitch - External PoE switch

External PoE switch for IP cameras with a temperature range -20° to + 55° C and IP65. You can power it up from 12V and 24V!

We will take care that your camera PoE always received voltage of 48V PoE!

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The mobile system ICAM-MobileHD camera is self-sufficient with its own internal power supply and recording video.

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Innovative kits designed to cooperate with PAL/NTSC, IP as well as HD-SDI cameras, along with telemetry solutions allow to create the most complex wireless CCTV security systems in various environment.

The sets for high quality audio/video broadcast are an ideal solution also for places where strong interference might occur. The available senders/receivers and other accessories are prepared to work on short and long distances and always guarantee the expected reliability and quality of both image and sound.


The solutions were developed to work with modern HD-SDI cameras (for HDTV signal – 1080p & 720p resolution) and PAL/NTSC cameras.

Depending on the choice of equipment the available wireless TV transmitter ensures quality and stable broadcast on shorter (30 meters) and longer (up to 500 meters) distances in various, even very demanding conditions of its professional use. As a result of their reliability, the kits find wide range of application for live programs and events, as well as recording studios and other areas.


Reliable wireless device, prepared to work within telemetry and relay systems. The radio modules, designed and manufactured by our company, allow to control DVRs, high speed cameras, as well as remotely switch on or off devices over very long distances.

They effectively operate on a distance of up to 6 or even 14 kilometers (with additional aerial). Their main advantages are great universality of use and reliability in various conditions.


Comprehensive range of additional equipment and accessories for our modern wireless TV, video transmitters and receivers and other devices used for Wi-Fi CCTV security systems.

Amongst a variety of products, CAMSAT has developed, for instance, signal level meters, DC power supply adapters, as well as a wide choice of antennas, including sector, directional and omnidirectional, as well as parabolic solutions. They allow to create even extremely complex, yet the most reliable infrastructure in virtually any conditions.