Wireless CCTV systems

Modern transmission kits designed to work within wireless CCTV systems on shorter (300 meters) as well as much longer distances (e.g. 5 km). They guarantee high quality image even in the environment, where lots of interference might occur. The devices range from the simplest solutions for less demanding application, up to the most innovative reliable kits for even the largest security camera systems.

Innovative technological solutions not only improved the quality of the recordings (crystal clear Full HD). Wireless transmitters and receivers along with other accessories and integral parts used make the surveillance equipment even more reliable, resistant to damage and adverse weather conditions, and (as a result) more effective. This means that security teams are able to react quicker and prevent more incidents than ever before.

CCTV camera system - product group

For CVI cameras

Qara CVI product line is designed for surveillance based on analog high-resolution HDCVI technology. The device, depending on the version, has one or two video inputs HD-CVI and one input for connecting IP solutions.

For AHD cameras - Analog High Definition

Products intended for video transmission from the recording equipment in the following standards:

  • AHD-M (1,3 Mpx / 960p, 720p),
  • AHD-L (1 Mpx / 960H),
  • PAL (576p) / NTSC

at a distance of over 600 m.

For IP cameras

In the case of the CCTV monitoring security camera system based on IP equipment we offer several lines of products (CDS-6IP, CDS-EasyIP and CDS-5IPmini) that enable the transmission of signals in HD and 4K. Due to the excellent signal quality of this solution, it is gaining more and more popularity in industrial monitoring.

Analog solutions for analog wireless CCTV cameras

TCO and CAM wireless security systems are specifically designed for analog cameras and are an excellent alternative to traditional wired solutions. They allow stable wireless transmission of video and audio resolution PAL / NTSC for distance up to 3 km without the use of external antennas. Using the antennas can increase the distance up to 5 km. Additionally, you can use retransmission points which enables coverage that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding installations.

The digital CCTV camera system for analog equipment

CDS-5021 is designed to transmit encoded (encrypted signal is using 128-bit code), digital signals from analog cameras. Excellent stability of the transmission makes it ideal for use in places where there is strong interference from engines, railways and other sources of electromagnetic interference.

Mobile HD solutions

Designated for city surveillance, the security equipment is ready for harsh outdoor conditions, such as extremely high and low temperatures. Apart from the obvious part, such a wireless CCTV security system includes also all elements required for effective monitoring: recorder, radio module, wireless transmitter, durable battery (just 20% capacity drop after 3000 recharging cycles). It can store captured images for up to 90 days, allowing access from diverse locations.


For IP cameras

PTZ telemetry systems

For CVI cameras

For AHD cameras

For IP cameras

Lifts monitoring

PTZ telemetry systems

For PAL/NTSC cameras

For TVI (TurboHD) cameras

For AHD cameras

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