Site construction monitoring


The construction site is particularly difficult to secure due to the difficult installation or lack of power connection required by standard monitoring. At the same time, monitoring is an extremely important issue both for the safety of employees and for the need to secure valuable building materials.

The iCAM-MobileHD wireless system, which is an independent and self-sufficient device that performs the required functions, is ideal for securing such terrain.
Installation does not require any additional installation and takes only 3 minutes. Just place the camera on a pole or wall with the included bracket and connect it to the power supply. The iCAM-MobileHD mobile IP HD camera monitors the area within 200 meters. It also has a 30-90 day recording and storage feature, and remote access via mobile devices via wifi, radio and LTE connection.

The system also has a built-in rechargeable battery for 12-16 hours, which is very useful in case of temporary power outages.