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Added: 2016-07-29

Choosing the right surveillance cameras

Video surveillance is getting much more popular security form for own estate, house or company. Systems are becoming cheaper and on field appear successive new producers. Unfortunately because of large selection of devices, is hard to find the right one. Below are described the most important cameras features, which one must take into account before buying. 


Working at night and day

Brightness area, which will be monitored by cameras is one of the most important variable, which influences the choice of module. If device will watch bright area, the choice will be easier than to find system working at for example night. In the case of industrial cameras, which will oversee dark areas, essential feature is sensitivity matrix determined in lux. Sensitivity can be slightly different according on working in colours or black and white.  


Light intensity [lx]Example
0.0001 night – cloudy sky
0.002 night – starry sky
0.27 night – full moon
1 Fullness in the tropics
100 Cloudy day
400 Sunrise/Sunset
10000-25000 Cloudless day
32000-120000 Direct sunlight


The use of internal or external 

Cameras working outside buildings are exposed to very harsh conditions, like:

  • wind,
  • rain,
  • moisture,
  • UV radiation.

In that case is not much devices you can find. If system will work outside, it must be adapted for it. Such devices have hermetic casing, which is able to protect sensitive electronics from damage.


Wire or wireless cameras?

Currently, the decision what kind of camera buy is irrelevant. A few years ago most popular were wire systems, because of higher quality. These days wireless monitoring got similar quality like wire installations. 



Cameras PTZ or stationary?

If there is necessity to monitoring bigger area using one camera you should think about PTZ cameras (Pan / Tilt / Zoom). By using PTZ keyboard is possible to control camera settings. You can rotate camera or zoom in. There is also cameras which can detect movement and focus there. If you don’t need to have PTZ cameras, better is normal stationary camera.  

Cameras with remote access / preview 

Usually cameras are connected to monitors and recorder NRV or DVR. In case you can watch recordings on recorder. But if you want and your devices are connected to internet, you can see video from your camera in mobile devices.  






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