Application of CCTV monitoring

Added: 2016-10-15

This article shows some sample application monitoring CCTV based on wireless transmitting systems. It describes where is worth to install monitoring systems to secure goods and increase safety.


Caring for your comfort by increasing the sense of security

One on the most important advantages security monitoring systems is increase psychical comfort for people by extension their sense of safety.  Cameras installed in places like hotels, pubs, discotheques or resorts significantly increase the sense of security and comfort of rest.


Chalets / camping

Safety and security against theft and vandalism is one of the main reasons to install monitoring cameras in places, where constant supervision is difficult because of, for example, a vast area.

Highways and monitoring gates

Monitoring installed on entrance gates in highways will record all vehicles (brand and plates) moving in this area.



Monitoring car-parks for example opposite shopping centres was never easy like now. In situation, when you need to install monitoring in existing places the best solution will be wireless transmitting video and audio. That clue allows to avoid many problems with mounting wire installation.

Radio systems monitoring we divide by cameras types:
- IP cameras
- analog HD cameras
- analog PAL/NTSC cameras

Additionally wireless monitoring can work with PTZ cameras.


Objects with slot machines

Slot, drink and snacks machines are the target of vandals and thieves. In 24h objects monitoring CCTV using cameras with additional protection will be the best solution.   


Receptions and bars

People working in receptions and bars are often victims of aggressive attacks or drunk customers. In that kind of places should be installed some cameras, which acts as a deterrent for potential aggressors.


Employees monitoring

Cameras focused on the cash with money are uses, inter alia, to discourage employees to fraud. Additionally cameras systems installed in offices can keep an eye on employees work.  


Secure historical places is important. Wireless CCTV cameras is good solution for that places, to reduce number of guards. Monitoring system can cooperate with alarm system. Problem is that in historical places is hard to install wire monitoring, that’s why we offer wireless systems. It’s the best solution to secure this place and let tourists feel artistic experience. 

Taking care of the safety of population and urban inhabitants

Policing is much easier when you using monitoring with PTZ cameras (Pan Tilt and Zoom). They can rotate and zoom in. Because of that operator can observe all area near camera and zooming allows to record face or car plate.






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