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We have been specializing in the production of all wireless devices for over 17 years. Our systems are dedicated to a variety of specialized applications and are sold in over 20 countries around the world. If you need to perform CCTV installation wirelessly, call CAMSAT.


Everything related to wireless transmission of video, audio, data and remote controls. You need to replace the cable with a radio – call.

We implement all the most difficult to monitor objects, e.g. without power supply, without cabling, in the “far field”. There are no difficult tasks for our wireless engineers.

CAMSAT is a certainty of action

CAMSAT is a producer of wireless signal transmission systems from analog TVI, AHD, CVI, PAL cameras and digital IP cameras. Our radio devices work in unlicensed 5 GHz, 24GHz radio bands. Our assortment includes a wide range of products designed for signal transmission from CCTV cameras and professional TV cameras. We also manufacture innovative mobile cameras for city video monitoring and advanced wireless systems for special services.

24/7 technical support

Radio systems manufactured by CAMSAT make wireless transmission effective even in a highly disturbed industrial environment. We place great emphasis on quick and easy installation. Memorable – for our engineers there are no impossible CCTV installations.


CCTV wireless industrial television

We manufacture high-class wireless systems for camera radio connections with video recorders. If you need to send a signal from analog AHD, TVI, CVI cameras or IP cameras wirelessly, we have many solutions for you.


Mobile 4G cameras without power supply - completely wireless

We manufacture modern units for remote video monitoring of very distant objects. Thanks to our mobile cameras you will receive a live view from anywhere in the country.

Mobile cameras:

    • * wireless
    • * with batteries
    • * with internal video recording for 90 days
    • * autonomous and unmanned
    • * without the help of an editor
    • * run in a few minutes


Alternative power supplies for CCTV cameras

We manufacture systems for powering CCTV cameras ensuring 24-hour continuous video observation in places without access to “electricity”.

We use:

    • * night power in traffic lights
    • * special mobile batteries for working at -20 degrees Celsius
    • * year-round solar farm and wind turbines
    • * and other


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