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Video assembly instruction - Mobile iCAM-MobileHD camera

iCAM-MobileHD II - online preview by LTE

Above you can see an image online, live from the latest iCAM-MobileHD II mobile camera sent via LTE with the simCAM card.

In order to provide full access to the camera, PTZ control and service testing, please contact the CAMSAT sales department. More about mobile cameras here.

CAMSAT means:


  • The best engineers in wireless transmission from CCTV cameras
  • Specialists of the most difficult video CCTV monitoring - without permanent access to power, completely wireless for hundreds of kilometers, without the optical visibility of antennas.
  • Supplier of ready-made and standalone video monitoring sets - just insert the plug into the 230V socket and monitor the area within a radius of 200m
  • 24-hour support and technical support 24h / 7 - There are no difficult questions for us.
  • The world's first producer of HD-TVI and HD-CVI wireless systems
  • Wireless PoE manufacturer - wireless transmitters for IP cameras with PoE ports - Check the CDS-6IP Multi
  • Polish producer of innovative wireless solutions for CCTV cameras - support polish electronic technologies




  • Thousands of wireless CCTV systems in 26 countries around the world
  • Camsat on MARTIAN rover
  • The President of the Republic of Poland, filmed by CAMSAT - CAMSAT wireless transmitters, transmits the image during a video conference of the President of the Republic of Poland
  • Video monitoring of cities without projects and without costly street digging - iCAM-Mobile HD already in dozens of European cities
  • Good references from demanding users from all over Europe.


Our clients: "If WIRELESS, then CAMSAT"

Manufacturer of wireless video transmitters and receivers for CCTV applications.


The company CAMSAT is a leading manufacturer of wireless HD and 4k video transmission systems. Our offer includes a wide range of products for signal transmission in CCTV, CCTV, and industrial automation.

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Security CCTV camera system

At CAMSAT we believe in the best materials, the best precision and thus – the highest quality of our TV and CCTV camera systems. We constantly invest in innovative technologies, developing yet another wireless security system up to the highest professional requirements.

Each wireless transmitter, receiver, radio module used in telemetry and relay solutions, rapid deployment CCTV and other equipment is designed to withstand intensive use in difficult conditions. No more cables, no more interference and low quality images. CAMSAT provides the best solutions for clients who expect nothing less than the most reliable equipment.

Our modern equipment and accessories work with HD-SDI, CVI, AHD, IP and PAL cameras – the product range includes a diversity of solutions for different types of infrastructure.

iCAM rapid deployment cameras for Uniformed Services at Europoltech 2019!

iCAM rapid deployment cameras for Uniformed Services at Europoltech 2019!

Added 2019-05-07

On May 8-10, during the EUROPOLTECH fair, representatives of uniformed services will be able to see our iCAM mobile cameras designed for remote observation during operational activities, maneuvers, training, and others.

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CAMSAT mobile cameras shown to the President of Krakow.

CAMSAT mobile cameras shown to the President of Krakow.

Added 2019-03-15

Krakow authorities surprised with the large possibilities of iCAM-MobileHD systems in city monitoring.

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We are pleased to present our new price list for rapid deployment cameras from the iCAM and iConstruction-CAM series.

The price list, apart from a refreshed graphic design and a convenient form of presenting information about products, includes an extended offer for LATEST models dedicated to various applications.

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New price list for CCTV wireless systems 2019

New price list for CCTV wireless systems 2019

Over the past 12 months, we have introduced over 20 new models of our products. Our offer is constantly developed to solve new needs in the security market.

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X-CAM II external industrial PoE switch

X-CAM II external industrial PoE switch

X-CAM II is a new generation switch, with 8 PoE + ports and UpLink or Optical fiber port.

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How to make video CCTV city monitoring in 2 days without projects?

How to make video CCTV city monitoring in 2 days without projects?

Top 15 parameters and applications of the rapid deployment camera.
Professional PTZ CCTV camera powered by lighting lanterns! 

iCAM-MobileHD II

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CDS-6IP Multi + CDS-6IPeco set for 4 IP cameras

CDS-6IP Multi + CDS-6IPeco set for 4 IP cameras

CDS-6IPMulti and CDS-6IPeco is easy in configuration wireless transmission set for 4 IP cameras

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Innovative kits designed to cooperate with PAL/NTSC, IP as well as HD-SDI cameras, along with telemetry solutions allow to create the most complex wireless CCTV security systems in various environment.

The sets for high quality audio/video broadcast are an ideal solution also for places where strong interference might occur. The available senders/receivers and other accessories are prepared to work on short and long distances and always guarantee the expected reliability and quality of both image and sound.


The solutions were developed to work with modern HD-SDI cameras (for HDTV signal – 1080p & 720p resolution) and PAL/NTSC cameras.

Depending on the choice of equipment the available wireless TV transmitter ensures quality and stable broadcast on shorter (30 meters) and longer (up to 500 meters) distances in various, even very demanding conditions of its professional use. As a result of their reliability, the kits find wide range of application for live programs and events, as well as recording studios and other areas.


Reliable wireless device, prepared to work within telemetry and relay systems. The radio modules, designed and manufactured by our company, allow to control DVRs, high speed cameras, as well as remotely switch on or off devices over very long distances.

They effectively operate on a distance of up to 6 or even 14 kilometers (with additional aerial). Their main advantages are great universality of use and reliability in various conditions.


Comprehensive range of additional equipment and accessories for our modern wireless TV, video transmitters and receivers and other devices used for Wi-Fi CCTV security systems.

Amongst a variety of products, CAMSAT has developed, for instance, signal level meters, DC power supply adapters, as well as a wide choice of antennas, including sector, directional and omnidirectional, as well as parabolic solutions. They allow to create even extremely complex, yet the most reliable infrastructure in virtually any conditions.

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