TCO-Meter is a RSSI signal meter for devices TCO5807h-Rx and TCO5807m-Rx equipped with special measuring connector. Designed for precise antenna positioning to obtain maximum level of audio / video signal.

TCO-Meter is powered directly from TCO5807 receivers' PCB board. Measurement starts immediately after inserting meter in RSSI connector and it`s performed in real-time. Measured value is shown as percentage or dB power. TCO-Meter doesn`t introduce any harmful interference to audio/video signal. Its' tiny dimensions (27 x 65 x 10 mm), no need of external power supply and also 2-digit LED display with enhanced brightness, make  it suitable even for harsh installation conditions.

From April 2014 avilable in our offer is a new version of this device. Improvements we have prepared for you:

-       Convenient, small plastic housing

-       Magnet to attach to the mast

-       Lanyard for convenient TCO-METER suspension 

  • for precise antenna positioning
  • cctv security systems
  • wireless links
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