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Dodano 2019-04-29
Our office is closed since 1st to 3rd of May.
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iCAM rapid deployment cameras for Uniformed Services at Europoltech 2019!

Dodano 2019-05-07

On May 8-10, during the EUROPOLTECH fair, representatives of uniformed services will be able to see our iCAM mobile cameras designed for remote observation during operational activities, maneuvers, training, and others.

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CAMSAT mobile cameras shown to the President of Krakow.

Dodano 2019-03-15

Krakow authorities surprised with the large possibilities of iCAM-MobileHD systems in city monitoring.

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3 cameras in one iCAM-MiniHD II Duplex mobile device!

Dodano 2019-02-20

Mobile remote monitoring video system with two fixed cameras with a viewing angle of 2x90 ° and a 360 ° PTZ camera with a range within a radius of 150m.

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CAMSAT Rapid deploymant cameras in Dubai

Dodano 2019-01-25

Our French distributor of iCAM mobile cameras took part in this year's Intersec 2019 in Dubai.

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3 cameras with battery backup - SEE MORE, FEEL SAFE

Dodano 2019-01-24

We present the latest model of our mobile camera, in which we used not one, but three cameras.

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iConstruction-CAM – remote monitoring system for construction sites

Dodano 2018-10-16

With iConstruction-CAM, you secure all managed construction sites, minimize costs and prevent irregularities.

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Merry Christmas!

Dodano 2018-12-20

On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas, we wish all our partners, customers, suppliers and enthusiasts of wireless systems :) a peaceful and happy Christmas and successes and the prosperity in the New Year 2019


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From now 3-year warranty !

Dodano 2018-09-08

Ensure safety and peace for longer with the Camsat IP wireless systems

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Dodano 2018-10-09

Tomorrow (October 10th) due to the planned lack of power, our office will be closed.

In urgent cases, please call us on +48 505 272 224.

We apologize for inconveniences

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iCAM mobile cameras at Open'er 2018

Dodano 2018-09-07

Open'er Festival 2018 - CAMSAT mobile cameras have worked successfully in very heavily disturbed terrain with over 100,000 mobile phones!

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Dodano 2018-08-28

Due to power breakdown, our office will be closed 28-29.08. Contact via e-mail and phone may be difficult. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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Monitoring of the construction site even from a remote office - iConstruction-CAM

Dodano 2018-08-01

iConstruction-CAM saves time, costs and increases safety!

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This summer we lift the discounts up !!!

Dodano 2018-06-28

CDS-LiftIP 2 + 1 is the perfect solution for two lift cabins in one shaft.

Only from July to September, when you buy 1 set of CDS-LiftIP (2 pcs), you will receive the third module for free!

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Season for iCAM-PowerHD - remote mobile monitoring with its own power supply for 3 days

Dodano 2018-04-13

A complete, self-sufficient monitoring system with its own power supply, PTZ camera and internal Full HD image recording and remote access to preview and control via wifi and LTE. Installation of iCAM-Power HD does not require any installations (even power) or projects.

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May long weekend 2018

Dodano 2018-04-26

We inform you that a long “Majówka” long weekend is coming. Therefore, on since 30/04/2018 to 4/05/2018, we are not working and our office will be closed.

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Welcome to the Security fair!

Dodano 2018-04-23

The largest security fair-Securex 2018 with revolutionary CAMSAT solutions - it's time to start!

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Happy Easter!

Dodano 2018-03-30

On the occasion of the upcoming Easter, we send you the best wishes for health, happiness and joy, the very sunny days and successes in private and professional life.

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Film Spring Open - making of

Dodano 2018-03-15

We encourage you to watch the material about the Film Spring Open workshops, which took place in the autumn of 2017.

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A new municipal safety level!

Dodano 2017-11-13

A new level of municipal security: iCAM-MobileHD 2

The newest iCAM-MobileHD 2 mobile cameras:

  •  Own power supply for more than 3 days
  •  LTE: PTZ remote control, preview and recording of HD images
  •  Anti-theft system and geolocation
  •  Internal registration up to 90 days
  •  Optical zoom over 250m (x25 or x30)
  •  IR night vision at 150m
  •  Compatible with VMS Milestone, Bosch, QNAP and many more
  •  Remote image preview possible even on TV with HDMI

 ... there is a lot of options

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Securex is soon!

Dodano 2018-03-08

Spring is getting closer and closer with the Securex Trade Fair approaching - the largest security industry event in Poland. For many years, it has been an opportunity to meet manufacturers, distributors, installers and users of products from the wider security industry. For installers and users it is a great opportunity to learn about the latest solutions and technologies presented by leading manufacturers and to exchange experiences among professionals.

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Dodano 2018-02-15

In February we introduced new CCTV CAMSAT pricelist for 2018 that includes the latest wireless products

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The first day of CBC & DMSI Roadshow

Dodano 2018-02-06

Today, the first day of CBC & DMSI Roadshow "The latest technology in the Security Service" - a series of expert meetings presenting modern technologies in protection.

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The world's first wireless system for TurboHD cameras (TVI)

Dodano 2018-01-10

CAM-TVI2.0 - wireless system for TVI cameras

As a result of the work of our engineers, we completed the project of first in the world wireless system for TVI 2.0 cameras. 

We have created a wireless system for 2Mpix cameras in TVI (TurboHD) technology with a radio range of 500 m.

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Inventory 2017

Dodano 2017-12-18

We inform that on December 22, 2017 Camsat will be closed. Orders placed from December 22, 2017 to January 5, 2018 due to the inventory the may have an extended deadline.

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Dodano 2017-01-19

The new version of iCAM-MobileHD LTE has an additional feature: a built-in LTE allowing unlimited access for preview, recording and control.

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Rent ICAM today!

Dodano 2017-02-21

Your neighbor monitoring does not work?
Rent ICAM!

To have introduced the possibility of renting the system ICAM-MobileHD.

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Come and see our Novelties at IFSEC 2017

Dodano 2017-03-09

Last year was very intensive in CAMSAT and we introduced a lot of new products (in IP, CVI, AHD and other technologies) and we are still working on some more…

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Mobile video surveillance camera

Dodano 2017-04-13

There is always something happening in the city, today's concert in the Old Market Square, tomorrow's stadium or demonstration in front of the Office

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1st, 2nd and 3 May - Holidays

Dodano 2017-04-28

We would like to inform you that on 1, 2 and 3 May we are not working. Orders will be made on May 4.

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Happy and Joyful Easter

Dodano 2017-04-13

and success in private and professional life
from CAMSAT team

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CDS-6IP Firmware Update

Dodano 2017-01-26

The latest version of wireless IP systems CDS-6IP / CDS-6IPMulti / SMA, and CDS-6IPeco introduces a very useful tool to improve work in highly interfered radio environment ...

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2016 - year of HD and 4K in CAMSAT!

Dodano 2016-11-24

The year 2016 became a turning point moving CAMSAT offer from analogue to new systems in the standards of IP, AHD and CVI.

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Warehouse inventory

Dodano 2016-11-02

We inform you that on 23-30 December 2016 orders will not be implemented because of the warehouse inventory.

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End of the holiday - we start trainings

Dodano 2016-10-05

CAMSAT starts the school year with visits to our distributors and trainings for sales representatives and installers.

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Black Link HD5 at Film Festival in Gdynia 2016

Dodano 2016-09-23

During an ongoing film festival in Gdynia a mobile film studio CINEBUS is officially presented for the first time.

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Black Link in Cinebus

Dodano 2016-08-10

 In September there will be the official opening of the Cinebus project, where Black Link system of wireless transmission is used.

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CVI in the "Security" journal

Dodano 2016-05-12

The "Security" journal published an article about our wireless system for transmission of signals from the cameras CVI

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CAMSAT and Natalie Portman in the CINEBUS project

Dodano 2016-02-22

Slawomir Idziak’s Film Spring Open Foundation has created a unique project for young artists.

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CAMSAT on training

Dodano 2016-06-09

On Friday 10th of June contacting us will be difficult due to training. Our office will be open ...

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Dodano 2016-03-24

Healthy and cheerful, spring fragrant Easter,
joyful atmosphere chasing the Rabbit :) :)
tasty eggs, and Wet Monday

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WCT-02 Remote Control Transceiver

Dodano 2015-09-29

Streamlining and automation of even the most complex equipment is constantly developing field. To meet this trend, we developed a solution to fully meet the expectations of users.

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Dodano 2015-11-16

Black Link HD5 provides wireless transmission of video during the Camerimage festival!

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Digital wireless monitoring system

Dodano 2015-09-22

Systems offering digital wireless transmission for digital and analog cameras

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Media about Black Link HD5

Dodano 2015-04-17
The quarterly " Film and TV camera " appeared to test the Black Link HD5 . We encourage you to read the opinion of industry professionals TV about our new product.
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Christmas break

Dodano 2015-12-04

As Christmas is coming, we inform that our office will be closed at 24-31 December.

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Conquering TV sector!

Dodano 2015-03-06

Wireless transmission from cameras and drones at the fair Film Video Foto!

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Dodano 2015-11-12

This year, for the first time CAMSAT is a Partner of CAMERIMAGE Film Festival.

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Dodano 2014-11-06

We inform you that on 11 November we are on holidays.

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Black Series Link for TV industry

Dodano 2015-09-22

We are pleased to introduce our new website dedicated to products from the Black Link series.

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Dodano 2015-04-02

We kindly inform that due to upcoming Easter Holiday our office will be closed on 6.04.

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Dodano 2015-02-05

We already know the winners of „Employer of Pomerania and Kujawy”!

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CAMSAT receives Fair Play award for the fifth time

Dodano 2014-12-17

Take a look at photos from the „Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play” 2014.

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Merry Christmas

Dodano 2014-12-11

We kindly inform that our office is closed on 24-28.12 and on 31.12 – 1.1.2015.

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Impressions after the fair Security Essen 2014

Dodano 2014-09-29

Thank you for meeting me at the fair Security Essen 2014.


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CAMSAT at 2014 Security Essen

Dodano 2014-08-07

Camsat at the "Security-Essen 2014"
Booth 233, hall 2.0.


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After the trade fair Securex 2014

Dodano 2014-04-13

Thank you for visiting our booth at International Security Exhibition Securex 2014. 

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AMPER 2014

Dodano 2014-04-14

Amper is the one of the most significant and best-performing fairgrounds in Central Europe welcomed the largest electrotechnical trade in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

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Securex 2014

Dodano 2014-03-03

CAMSAT at International Security Exhibition Securex 2014. We invite you to visit our booth and participate in a competition with the chance of winning an APPLE iPad.

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IFSEC 2013

Dodano 2013-07-04

IFSEC 2013 in Birmingham was a great event and we were happy to see so many of you, our valued customers, visiting us at our stand, as much as we were delighted meeting new partners in the identification field.

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Our new website!

Dodano 2013-07-04

All members of our team hope that you find our new website more functional.




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