The set CD-06 is composed of the CD-06-Rx wireless video receiver and the CD-06-Tx  wireless video transmitter. This set serves for remote control (switch on/off) of any devices from large distances. It uses the RS485 wire interface or the CD04 radio interface (in connection with PTZ modem radio modules and it has 6 km or even 14 km reach).

The CD-06-Rx receiver possesses six transmitters inside, of the current load equal to 4A each. NO (normally open) contacts and NC (normally closed) contacts of the wireless CCTV transmitter are brought out on the clamp board. Outputs in the receiver can be steered by means of the CD-06-Tx transmitter or by means of the PTZ keyboard. Devices possess signalling by means of the LED diode which show the states of inputs in the transmitter and states of outputs in the receiver.


 Sending signal from:

  • Movement sensors,
  • Warning horns,
  • Alarm centres,
  • Indicating boards,
  • Limit switches of all types of devices,
  • Door and gate reed relays,
  • Door bells and warning indicators,
  • Calorimeters, counters and pumps,
  • Street lighting and object monitoring.


 Remote switching on:

  • Lighting,
  • IR (infrared) lighting,
  • Toll-gates, industrial gates and the control of access,
  • Warnings,
  • Resetting devices,
  • Warning horns,
  • Remote switching of radio channels in the video receivers e g.  CAM5816sq-Rx,
  • Switching on pumps and other industrial devices,
  • Synoptic boards and measuring boards,
  • Switching off the power supply of CCTV sets (e. g. in the objects expose to several lightnings),
  • Door bells and warning indicators,
  • Resetting and switching remote radio systems on,
  • Simulation of the family members’ presence,
  • Automation systems,
  • Steering and control of the industrial devices state.


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