CD04 Wireless Telemetric System designed for control high speed cameras and DVRs.

CD 04 professional telemetric module of 500 mW of power, operating within ISM 869 MHz frequency band, enables to wireless operation of advanced high speed cameras and DVR`s over 6 km distance. It supports a bidirectional telemetric transmission (half duplex) which is required for most high speed cameras (i.e.: alarm functions from cameras or command acknowledgement functions).

PTZ modem are designed to meet all requirements for wireless CCTV systems and for modern automatics. The systems can be easy connected with any of our product line, including CAM5816 and TCO5807 systems as well as with other wireless video devices.

CD-04 module is an excellent substitute of wire link as it no restrain the control functions whatsoever. It supports high speed cameras and recorders of any type equipped with protocols of any type used with the RS485 and RS232 modem serial interface. The module can operate with such protocols as (the list is not exhaustive): PELCO-D , PELCO-P , LG Multix , D-max , VICON, GANZ,  SAMSUNG , COP-2 , Santachi, PANASONIC, Longcomity, HUNDA600, LILIN, VICON, MOLYNX, KALATEL, VCL, Reserved, ALEC, COP-1, Ultrak, BOSCH  Bi-phase (with additional converter), ARITECH, Sensormatic, Baxal, Dynacolor, etc.

  • bidirectional transmission of RS485, RS232 modem  and TTL 5V protocols,
  • control of rotational camers,
  • control of DVR recorders,
  • remote supervision of alarm and fire systems,
  • Wireless Data transmission.
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