The radio transmitter and receiver executive of I/O ports in a single device enables wireless control using RS485 within a radius of 3 km.

WCT-02 is a bi-directional transceiver operating in the 868-869 MHz band, enabling remote radio control of many different devices using the PELCO (485), operating in the industrial automation systems within a radius of 3 km.

WCT-02 transceiver containing relay module is a device for fast wireless data telemetry and control. It can operate as a two-way radio modem but also as an industrial, double-entry "Remote Control" and a receiver unit. Designed to create a secure, wireless control networks. Allows to cover large areas in a radius of up 8 km by using re-transmitters or optional antennas. Radio controller WCT-02 is equipped with two I / O ports, enabling you to control various processes in the sector:

  • industrial automation,
  • access control,
  • CCTV security and protection.

Transceiver for remote control

A radio transmitter operating as both a transmitter and a receiver without having to buy separate transmitters and receivers. Each relay module can be controller (with two inputs potential-free) and the executive module / relay (with two relays NO / NC).

The flexibility of the entire I / O system greatly simplifies the implementation and expansion of each installation.

Each radio module WCT-02 allows you to work on the 256 addresses, which means that the possibility of controlling a large number of devices are enormous.

Radio controller

Easy to set up

You do not need any program or computer. All settings are made using reliable and transparent DipSwich type positioners which ensures safe operation and easy configuration.


Range wireless communication

WCT-02 is a wireless transmitter / receiver for remote control of relay outputs. Thanks to the WCT-02 you can automate many industrial processes in the field of remote ON / OFF of various devices, transmission of devices limit switches states, signals control, reset or receiving telemetry data from various types of sensors or outputs. All done remotely, even from a distance of 3 km.

The range can be increased by retransmission. In the case of this device just one additional transceiver module can transmit a signal for another 3 km. The use of other antennas extend the range up to 8km. 



Thanks to a special protocol, the wireless system allows the control of multiple devices at once, which in large installations of industrial automation will save you time, that until now was spent on manual control or data verification.

The system works in a free radio band without license fees with a capacity of up to 300 mW.


The reliability and confirmation of the execution

The radio modem WCT-02 has many additional features i.e. an acknowledgment of the order execution. You may obtain not only control command message confirmation, but also information on the actual switching on / off of the controlled device.


PTZ Keyboard or Pelco DVR / NVR control

Most functions can be triggered directly from any PTZ control dome cameras or DVR / NVR with Pelco which significantly facilitates remote control of multiple devices within a few kilometers from the monitoring center.

The relay outputs on the WCT-02 device can be switched on / off with PTZ keyboard (or recorder) with Pelco D / P. The device is then seen as a PTZ camera with the given ID address. A and B outputs in the WCT-02 module are switched by using the zoom in / out buttons.

This allows us to expand the existing installation of PTZ cameras control with the ability to control relay outputs (eg. to control lighting, gates, tollgates, IR illuminators, sirens, alarms, emergency centers).


Example of wireless lighting control using the PTZ controller

The user can use the radio WCT-02 transmitter iconnected to the keyboard controller Pelco-D to remotely control the lighting located at a considerable distance from the radio transmitter. Receiver module switches on the lighting (on the court and parking lot) and sends confirmation of the order. Transmitter module informs the user by using indicators or relay output that the lighting was really switched on. This feature always ensures the correct transmission and confidence to obey the order.




The use of encryption function makes the WCT-02 radio system and connected devices safe. Encrypted data even after capture are practically useless.

Optical visibility of antennas is not necessary - thanks to the high transmission power (almost 0.5 W) and low-frequency the signal easily penetrates through obstacles.

Depending on the method of controlling and the controlled device optimal relays mode can be selected. Radio controller can operate in either:

  • astable,
  • bistable.

The WCT-02 is an universal transceiver module having two potential-free inputs and two relay outputs and allows independent bi-directional control.


Examples of use:

  • remote on / off of various types of equipment (fans, sprinklers, lights, alarms, gates, turnpikes, sirens, street lighting ...),
  • transmission of telemetry data from various types of sensors (fire, emergency, traffic, pollution, ...),
  • remote transmission of information from limit switch outputs and any other industrial equipment and machinery.


Remote transmission of signals for many kilometers from:


Alarm Industry and CCTV
  • motion sensors,
  • sirens,
  • panels,
  • reed door and gate,
  • doorbells and sirens warning,
  • switching light or infrared illuminators.

Automation and industry
  • limit switch devices of all kinds,
  • indicator boards,
  • heat meters and pumps,
  • monitoring of street and object lighting.

Wireless remote control of:
  • lighting,
  • illuminators IR (infrared),
  • tollgates, industrial doors and access control,
  • warning signs,
  • devices reset,
  • sirens,
  • remote switching of radio channels in videos receivers e.g.CAM5816sq-Rx,
  • trigger pumps and other industrial equipment,
  • mimic boards and measuring screens ,
  • doorbells and sirens warning,
  • reset and remote switching of electronic systems,
  • resetowanie oraz załączanie odległych systemów elektronicznych,
  • simulation of user presence,
  • automation systems,
  • control of industrial devices states.


WCT-02 module for controlling a wide range of applications requiring monitoring and control, where the local communication infrastructure is not available.
There are many appllications of WCT-02!
If you have an idea for an innovative and unusual use of WCT-02, please contact our technical department and we will be always glad to help.
Remember also about our 24h service and support, at telephone number +48 505 272 224.
We are always ready to help you.


  • remote control of street lighting, information signs, dearly-dim markings,
  • security monitoring in industrial processes,
  • control devices in the construction installations (air conditioning, ventilation, heating, lighting),
  • collecting data from alarm sensors,
  • burglar and fire alarm (eg. motion detectors or fire up to 3 km),
  • Gate systems and ramps (eg. radio control of closing the gates, locks or reloading ramps, industrial doors for a few km)
  • Protection of large areas (eg. the signals from seismic detectors, motion detectors or other sensors deployed on large industrial areas, forestry or agricultural)



  • control and monitoring systems in industrial and information technology (PLC),
  • data transfer between devices and production machines (cranes, mining equipment, production lines),
  • collecting data from measuring devices (sensors measuring pollutants, meteorological, counters, gas, heat, energy, water meters, et al),
  • wireless control and data transmission in wind turbines,
  • agriculture and crops (eg. Indication of the options enabled at the machine and the remote control of the machine),
  • wind farms (eg. Remote readings of the failure and the accompanying options or remote switching),
  • intelligent buildings,
  • smart home system,
  • wireless radio controller.
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