Professional cameras for live broadcasting of the Holy Mass from the Churches - CAMSAT

Wireless cameras for transmitting the Mass from the church: iCAM-Mini CHURCH

Professional CAMSAT wireless cameras that will display the image even to several thousand people live. Thanks to the iCAM-Mini CHURCH camera, you can watch Holy Masses from any parish.

The camera can be installed anywhere in the church. It has a very large lens that will zoom even from the other side of the church. The camera can be remotely controlled and directed to the areas where the ceremony is currently taking place. Everything is delivered fully configured, you just need to use your SIM card and connect the device power to a 110-230V socket.

The iCAM-Mini CHURCH camera transmits FullHD image and live sound via GSM / LTE network or via Wi-Fi.



Cameras for the church - live broadcast on websites

Cameras for the church – live broadcast on your website – iCAM-Mini Church

Online Mass Stream and church protection at the same time

Twice the benefits:

Kamery do kościoła

During the Mass, the camera serves as a high-quality image and sound transmission to the website.

After the end of the mass, the camera can be easily switched to the scanning (rotating) mode, which protects the entire church and saves the image in the built memory for 10 days.

Very easy to control by phone or laptop.

Rotating left-right, automatic targeting a specified part of the room, and making zooms from a distance of 50m are just some of the functions of the iCAM-Mini CHURCH camera.

Some parameters of the iCAM-Mini CHURCH camera

  • Very high Full HD video resolution
  • Built-in microphone and input for external microphone
  • Displaying on any website – it’s enough to paste the short code on your website
  • It supports several thousand online views – there are available packets from 50 people to 10,000 people live
  • Completely wireless – transmits video and sound via GSM LTE network or via Wi-Fi
  • Very easy installation by mounting the socket and inserting the iCAM-Mini CHURCH camera into it
  • A lens with 50m range – can zoom to the altar from the other end of the church

Łatwy montaż kamer iCAM

For more information, ask the CAMSAT sales team.