Calculator for selecting wireless transmitters for IP cameras

In order to quickly select wireless transmitters for IP cameras, we have prepared an application that calculates the required number of radio units in a given CCTV installation.
The calculator calculates the maximum amount of bitrate that can be sent over a specific wireless segment using a specific radio antenna.
In order to optimally calculate the required modules, use the graphic chart or the calculator below.

You will need data such as:
• radio distance from the farthest transmitter to the receiver (i.e. from the camera point to the point with the recorder),
• the number of cameras that will be sent wirelessly,
• average bitrate for each camera.

Using the above data, we will determine how many wireless modules for the CCTV installation you need.

Send calculation results to your e-mail and to CAMSAT for the whole system.

Below is an example diagram
wireless system settings.

If in doubt, contact the CAMSAT technical department.