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Professional CCTV tactical suitcase with IP camera, LTE and battery for 16-45 days of continuous work.

4G/LTECCTV suitcaseGSMIP66micro cameraWi-FiWireless PIR
CaseCAM-PRO has the following options and modules:
  • 4G/LTE – for high-speed image transmission and control of the entire CCTV unit
  • 3G GSM for control and immediate alarm notifications via SMS
  • Wi-Fi – to quickly checking recordings and settings
  • Two PIR inputs for automatic triggering motion detectors:
    • switching on the entire system and switching on recording, exit from the energy-saving StandBy mode and switching on the full LTE transmission, notifications about the detection of larger objects, e.g. over 25 kg, etc.
  • MicroCAM-4M micro camera with miniature dimensions of 36x26mm and a resolution of up to 4Mpix (100% more than HD). Ejected on an 8m, flexible, black cable and with image storage on an SD card up to 56 days back.
  • 3 PoE ports for other IP cameras of any manufacturer
  • Video registration up to 120 days on the built-in NVR - 4 images with 4k resolution from any IP cameras
  • StandBy mode remote switching to save energy and extend battery life
  • Battery pack ensures 16-30 days of operation of the MicroCAM-4M micro camera. The batteries are very easy to replace, and the case has the ability to quickly install any Li-Ion, AGM or gel batteries.
  • Possibility to connect up to 4 batteries automatically switching or other 12V DC power sources, e.g. from a car
  • Remote live view via iOS / Android smartphone or laptop via Wi-Fi or LTE
  • IP66 tightness class provides full tightness and protection even when buried underground.
  • Very easy to use –99% of the settings are already pre-configured by CAMSAT. In addition, the customer receives factory settings in the SETTINGS file through which the user can restore the initial settings (from the date of purchase).
  • Options and additional accessories
    • Solar+ - Optional SOLAR power support (just connect the photovoltaic panel)
    • Wireless PIR motion detectors with 300m range
    • Battery cases with a capacity of 194Ah/14.4V - extending the working time of the camera to many weeks
    • Silent rotary cameras, thermal imaging and zoom lenses...


Miniature IP camera SONY STRAVIS 4Mpix with lens on the 8m cable, with Wi-Fi, H.265 compression, socket for 512GB SD card, I/O ports, Audio I/O, PoE

3MpixBetter than DS-2CD6425G0CCTV suitcaseHidden cameramicro cameraPoE+Wi-Fi
The microCAM-4M microcamera offers the following features and capabilities:
  • Very small physical size, and high quality video
  • SONY Starvis  - 1/2,8” converter with progressive scanning
  • High resolution: 2688x1520
  • Three independent streams with H.265 and H.264 compression
  • Starlight and true WDR
  • SD card slot up to 512GB / 54 days of video recording - built-in Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC card slot, up to 512 GB
  • Defog, ROI, motion detection
  • H.265, H.265+, H.264, MJPG
  • Privacy zones, camera obstruction detection
  • Audio IN/OUT with 3,5mm (small Jack) port
  • I/O - alarm input/output
  • Powered from PoE and 12V DC