CAM8h-Wirelessly transmits the image from AHD cameras 1,3 Mpix and smaller at a distance over 600 m. The system works with up to 4 (CE) or 16 independent operating channels and ensures the transmission of up to 16 images on one AHD installation.

* Supports 2 megapixel AHD cameras switched to 720p or 960h.

Due to the wide HD signal bandwidth it is recommended to use coaxial cables, and only with very good damping characteristics. You can also use UTP cables but due to the significant drop in signal level for each conversion (transformer) we recommend the use active transformers  ("Balun" with a signal amplifier). 

The receiver of CAM8h-PTZ/AHD system has two independent video output: BNC 75 Ω and 100 Ω UTP. Each output can be used as an independent source of the image, eg. a service monitor or a second recorder. All transmission lines are protected against the effects of overvoltage and are equipped with anti-interference filters that significantly improve image quality over long distances.

Another convenient tool is the LED-AHD indicating the type of the transmitted signal (AHD or PAL) and the correctness of the radio transmission.

The wireless system can also be powered by the 24V AC or directly to the PTZ camera.

The wireless system CAM8h-PTZ/AHD also work with TVI and CVI cameras switched to analog mode. Most cameras (TVI and CVI) has a possibility to operate in either PAL or 960h.

  • HD CCTV monitoring based on PTZ cameras AHD-M, AHD-L, PAL, CVBS,
  • DVRs AHD,
  • video radiolines, designed for precise PTZ AHD monitoring.
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