QARA CVI is the world's first system for wireless transmission of HD-CVI. It was designed in response to market demand, to meet the users’ expectations. For some time HD analog technology has been gaining popularity and a growing number of customers. Qara CVI allows to obtain images in Full HD from analog cameras wirelessly. It enables easy replacement of the "old" analog PAL system with a new, much better image quality.



Digital quality of wireless Qara-CVI system

QARA CVI is an innovative system that allows wireless transmission of HD-CVI signals up to 2 000 meters while maintaining the highest quality digital transmission. This is a big advantage comparing to the cable system, which have several times smaller ranges. The transmission is coded in the latest security standards, which means that this is no longer an ordinary analog that could be easily disturbed but coded digital system. OFDM modulation strengthens its resistance to interference and signal reflections, eg. of nearby buildings and other obstacles.

HDCVI camera transmission system


Three standards in one device - Multi receiver EVIF

The system consists of a CVI transmitter and a multi-receiver (CVI, TVI, AHD) EVIF-Multi  cooperating also with other standards (AHD and TVI). The receiver has been designed for other standards of analog HD and thanks to the universal protocol ONVIF enables collaboration with each recorder having this feature. Thus, the signal can be transmitted wirelessly to the hybrid recorder CVI, AHD, TVI or any NVR with ONVIF. This allows you to connect cameras HD-CVI to DVRs in other standards such as AHD or HD-TVI offered many different manufacturers and gives the user the freedom to decide what recorder to use.

Up to 64 images at the same time

The system allows you to work on 16 operating channels in the free 5,6 GHz band legal in Europe. In some countries outside the European Union it is possible to use additional channels.The transmitters are available in single and double input versions. The system can operate in Point -multipoint configuration. This means that one receiver can work with up to 4 transmitters which significantly lowers installation costs. At the same time from each transmitter you can directly upload the images from the two cameras which is a great help in the project installation. Simple and easy setup makes installation and use of the system run smoothly.

System for wireless HDCVI transmission

New design

Devices QARA CVI and EVIF-Multi have a specially designed modern casing made of ASA material resistant to mechanical damage and external factors. Housing project was developed in cooperation with a design office creating well rewarded and appreciated in Europe PESA train lines. The new line of enclosures is maintained in the colors corresponding with modern trends in architecture. It also provides high durability and resistance, a modern shape improves the aesthetics of the installation.

Wireless transmission system for HDCVI cameras

Parameters of the QARA CVI transmitter:

  • two video inputs HD-CVI,
  • additional input for IP cameras,
  • 1080p and 720p (25 fps/s),
  • range of 2 km,
  • 16 channels work,
  • operating frequency 5,6 GHz
  • digital image quality,
  • secure transmission,
  • outer casing.
  • signal transmission from the cameras HDCVI,
  • signal transmission in 720p and 1080p Full HD.
Basic parameters

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