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CDS-5IPmini is a wireless IP video surveillance system designed for internal and external cameras equipped with an Ethernet connector. Transmits video and audio working on the frequency 5,1-5,8 GHz 500 mW (27 dBi). Set perfectly cooperates with IP cameras with high resolution (up to 10 MPx - 4K UHD).

A special system with protocols for the transmission of HD video and 4k

CDS-5IPmini is not a computer device to transmit Internet but transmitter for continuous and uninterrupted transmission of heavy HD images. Implemented special protocols audio / video provide broadcasts of all the frames HD and 4k with no delay in transmission. In addition to the simultaneous transmission of multiple images and sounds it also allows you to control PTZ cameras and the data transfer between the recorder and cameras.

MIMO antenna

The device has a built-in dual antenna, which ensures transmission of radio signals at a distance of 2 km (5 GHz MIMO 2 x 13 dBi). It also allows fine tuning of the antenna and achieving high transmission quality at different distances.


Important Note: CDS-5IPmini system has an embedded antenna and there is no possibility to connect the external antenna. CDS-5IPmini/SMA with SMA connector is a system designed especially for use with external antennas.



Stable and effective transmission

Stability and transmission efficiency is achieved with customized multimedia protocols iCAMSAT. Advanced software allows the precise measurement of the transmission speed of each camera separately.

Surge Protection

Compact DC antennas increase the level of system security against damage, and all ports are additionally protected against overvoltage.

Working in BRIDGE mode

CCTV System - CDS-5IPmini can operate within the recommended BRIDGE system that allows you to customize the machine and the operating mode to your own system, and also provides stability and speed of the link.

Secure transmission

Use of 64/128 -bit code and other transmission protection, among others, FIREWALL system, ensures a fully secure signal transmission. The software also allows remote configuration and precise setting of the access locks, and makes it possible to separate the camera from the rest of the network by routing.

Outer casing makes the CDS-5IPmini enables the use in areas exposed to adverse weather conditions (wind, rain).

Application Examples of CDS-5IPmini

CDS-5IPmini is used in a very complicated wireless IP video surveillance.

Sample configuration shown in the following diagram.

Przykład zastosowania CDS-5IP

The monitoring center is located in an office building 1 . The CCTV system was created using the CDS-5IPmini devices. The signal from the office building 1A is sent to building 1.

The signal from the parking lot 2A, shopping center 2B, hospital 2C and clinics 2D, can not be transmitted directly to the monitoring center 1 because of signal blocking by office 2 (lack of sight).

The radio receiver Rx with the omnidirectional antenna is located on the building 2 and receives signals from the transmitters Tx on buildings 2A, 2B, 2C and 2D. The output from receiver Rx using a cable is hooked to a transmitter from which the signal is transmitted directly to the receiver Rx on the building 1.

The cameras on the court 3A, sports hall 3B and parking 3C is transmitted by transmitter (Tx) to the receiver (Rx) at the office 3. The receiver on the office 3 is connected by wire to the transmitter, which is located in the same building. The transmitter sends a signal to a receiver located in the monitoring center.


  • stable high-quality transmission of HD and UHD in the 5 GHz band,
  • 1 W high power radio (30 dBi),
  • operates in configuration Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint,
  • OFDM radio modulation,
  • the maximum speed of radio transmission 300 Mbps,
  • transmission coding 64 /128 / 152 bit,
  • the model CDS-5IPmini with integrated antenna MIMO dual 2 x 13 dBi,
  • the model CDS-5IPmini/SMA with R-SMA antenna connectors to the external antenna,
  • link testing tools,
  • PoE 12-2 4V DC / 12 W,
  • the radio signal level indicator - LED indicators,
  • RF power control,
  • works with all video resolutions - from VGA (640 x 480) through HD (1080p) to 4K UHD.
  • transmission of video and audio from megapixel IP cameras HD and UHD,
  • signal transmission from IP recorders,
  • signal transmission from analogue DVR with Ethernet output to other locations,
  • transmitting audio / video in HD and UHD using any Ethernet / Internet,
  • Bi-directional data transfer,
  • IP PTZ cameras.
Basic parameters

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