CDS-6IPeco is extremely easy to set up, wireless transmission system designed to transmit audio / video in the 5,6 GHz frequency band with 500 mW (EIRP 27dBi). The device is designed for signal transmission from IP cameras with high resolution (up to 10 Mpix - 4K UHD). The system is designed for use in a simpler, low-cost systems.

A special system with protocols for the transmission of HD video and 4K
CDS-6IPeco is not a computer device to transmit Internet but transmitter for continuous and uninterrupted transmission of heavy HD images. Implemented special protocols audio / video provide broadcasts of all the frames HD and 4k with no delay in transmission. In addition to the simultaneous transmission of multiple images and sounds it also allows you to control PTZ cameras and the data transfer between the recorder and cameras.

CDS-6IPeco system transmisji radiowej dla kamer IP


Built-in dual antenna 5,6 GHz MIMO 2 x 14 dBi allows signal transmission up to 2 km as standard, and access to the fine-tuning function of the antenna guarantees high transmission quality even at different distances.

The CDS-6IPeco has two ports for two IP cameras. The number of cameras can be expanded to 4 on one transmitter by switch using. Additionally, for each receiver up to 4 transmitters can be assigned.

Intuitive configuration

CDS-6IPeco, using special communication protocols iCAMSAT-OS is able to provide a stable, reliable and efficient transmission.

The system provides ease of configuration, so it is recommended even for people with no experience in the field of IP CCTV. It has a very intuitive and simple software that contain only necessary to define functions. Just set only 2 necessary parameters (IP address and operating channel) to get a radio connection. In addition, the software includes an intuitive icon-type HELP which contain the necessary information on how to configure the device.


Universal application

User Control Panel is also adapted for use with mobile phones and smart tablets. This allows remote viewing of signal / image on selected models of phones and tablets.

CCTV System CDS-6IPeco has a recommended system VIDEO BRIDGE, which provides high stability and speed of the link.

CDS-6IPeco also allows you to work in a MASTER / SLAVE which allows for flexible configuration of the device and mode selection most suited to your own system. Configured individual user profile can be saved to a file and, if necessary, again used giving the user or installer the opportunity to express configuration and service.


Transmission range

All of the listed distances refer to the load generated by 4 HD IP cameras and 4K IP cameras.

Range of wireless ip monitoring

Additional Downloads

  • stable high-quality transmission of HD and HD in the 5,6 GHz band,
  • two ports for IP cameras,
  • high power 500 mW radio (27 dBi),
  • Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint configuration,
  • OFDM radio modulation,
  • the maximum transmission speed of 300 Mbps radio,
  • transmission coding 64/128 /152 bit,
  • integrated dual antenna MIMO 2 x 14 dBi,
  • precision tools for adjusting antennas and link testing,
  • PoE 12-24V DC and separately 12V DC / 1 2W,
  • RF power control,
  • works with all video resolutions - from VGA (640 x 480) by HD (1080p) and up to 4K UHD.
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