"CDS-EasyIP has the lowest factor of Installer additional costs. Easy and very quick installation reduces to a minimum the labor costs for the installer or user, and requires no additional accessories".

The innovative system of wireless IP cameras do not require a computer to perform the start-up and setup. Very easy to start a system of transmitters and receivers for installers who start working with IP cameras. Start-up is performed with use of DIPswitch by selecting operating channel and setting the transmitter/receiver mode. The rest of the settings is carried out automatically with the encoding of transmission.

A special system with protocols for the transmission of HD video and 4K

CDS-EasyIP is not a computer device to transmit Internet but transmitter for continuous and uninterrupted transmission of heavy HD images. Implemented special protocols audio / video provide broadcasts of all the frames HD and 4k with no delay in transmission. In addition to the simultaneous transmission of multiple images and sounds it also allows you to control PTZ cameras and the data transfer between the recorder and cameras.


Camera PoE power supply directly from the transmitter IP

CDS-EasyIP has two inputs for IP cameras. One in LAN standard and the second with LAN and PoE OUT which is used to power IP cameras and video transmission. Simply connect the transmitter by a network cable UTP with IP camera. This quick and simple solution allows for less usage of the power supply and avoid additional cabling to the camera.

CDS-EasyIP Transmitter with PoE power output for IP Camera

No IP addresses

The system transparently transmits signals from IP cameras regardless of the cameras or DVR IP. To fully run radio link CDS-EasyIP, you do not need to set many complex parameters in contrast to other IP systems.

4 transmitters to one receiver

CDS-EasyIP operates on 16 independent wireless channels including four channels in Europe (CE). The possibility of connection four transmitters to one receiver provides the use of up to 64 IP cameras on one system (16 cameras in the EU).

Standard PoE 48V

CDS-EasyIP is designed to PoE voltage of 48V so it can be powered from a standard PoE switch or PoE 802.3af

For users, information panel is also available, where you can check signal strength, link speed, the number of connected devices, as well as replace the firmware.


Dostępne modele:

  • CDS-EasyIP
  • CDS-EasyIP/SMA

CDS-EasyIP / SMA - wireless system with identical parameters as CDS-EasyIP but equipped with an additional antenna connectors for connecting external antennas. It has an internal, built-in directional antenna and SMA antenna connectors.

  • 2 inputs for IP cameras,
  • PoE power supply for camera with transmitter IP,
  • range 2500m,
  • very easy start,
  • no online configuration panel by www,
  • digital radio modulation OFDM,
  • built-in directional antenna and connector for external antennas,
  • cooperates with IP cameras UHD and Full HD.
  • Installations inside industrial buildings and large industrial areas,
  • As a service kit in each installer’s case to use if necessary Quick Start IP connections - without a computer in 60 seconds,
  • For beginners in IP installations - installation does not require computer knowledge,
  • Projects that require a simplified installation (transmitter supplies IP camera).
Basic parameters

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