GlobalCAM-LTE is a wireless transmitter for three IP cameras with almost unlimited coverage. It transmits transparently all signals from IP cameras via GSM LTE network. With the GlobalCAM-LTE radio transmitter, HD images from IP cameras can be picked up anywhere in the world via the Internet. Camera images can be viewed online as well as recorded on any NVR network recorder.

n addition, GlobalCAM-LTE connected to the DVR / NVR will allow full access to the DVR and online image archives. Thanks to our full access to the recorder from anywhere in the world.


Top 10 GlobalCAM-LTE features

● Works through obstacles (does not require optical visibility)

● Nearly unlimited range - hundreds of miles

● Wirelessly transmits HD video from IP camera

● Allows you to view, record HD video and control PTZ in real time ONLINE

● Very low cost per mile

● Very low cost compared to exclusive license-based solutions

● Secure encrypted transmission identical to GSM cellular networks

● Works with any LTE Internet SIM card

● Extremely easy to start up

● 2 LAN ports with PoE+


Transmission through walls and obstacles - NLOS.

Due to usage of low frequencies, the GSM transmitter works even without optical visibility and can be used indoors. GlobalCAM-LTE enables wireless transmission even through very large obstacles:

● concrete and steel constructions

● dense urban areas and forests

● in difficult terrain and in the mountains ...


Almost unlimited range

LTE networks are available in almost every corner of the world. Only two "LTE coverage lines" are enough to transmit a smooth HD image. In addition, it is possible to use an accessory directional antenna that significantly increases the strength of the 4G signal. The GSM signal can be accurately checked by the user in panel of the device. The coverage and strength of the LTE signal at a particular location can be checked by, for example, a mobile phone with a SIM startup card.


GlobalCAM-LTE provides transparent transmission of all data from IP cameras. 

With the transmitter, you send in both directions data from IP cameras and DVRs:

 ● streaming of video for online viewing

 ● recordable video streams

 ● audio streams in both directions

 ● PTZ control

 ● all I / O control from any IP camera



PoE + ports   


GlobalCAM-LTE has 2 PoE + LAN ports to power IP cameras directly from the transmitter. In addition, it is equipped with a third LAN port that is designed for LAN or NVR / DVR.


Transmission exclusivity and encoding



One click to connect - Quick and easy startup 



Examples of using a transmitter with IP cameras and NVR / DVR 


What do you need?



How it works




  • GlobalCAM-LTE x 1 pcs.
  • User manual
  • CE declaration

Note: The set does not include a power adapter and a SIM card (sold separately).

● Dedicated power supplies: ZS-12 / 1A (without PoE) or ZS-48 / 1.5A (PoE power supply)

● Dedicated simCARD: simCAM  with static IP address or another




Very high coverage: wireless transmission from another location, eg from the company, car park, shop to the owner's house

Through large obstacles: through walls, buildings, hills and forests such as ski lifts, city monitoring, forest monitoring,

From moving objects: wireless transmission from boats, from barges, cars, crane or construction vehicles.

From existing camera monitoring: DVR / NVR DVR as a quick view of CCTV monitoring by the owner of a company, store or other type of business.

From Spy or Hidden Cameras: Image and sound transmission from hidden cameras in shops, galleries, store shelves, in warehouses or on construction sites or properties.

From cameras often changing location: transmissions from construction sites, construction machines, sports events.

• Everywhere you need video and PTZ control over live and long distance.

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