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PoER-24 is a hermetic power converter from PoE48V to PoE24V designed to power IP camera and IP radio transmitter. By connecting power source PoE48V or DC from 35V to 48V to the converter PoER-24 two adapter outputs are powered. At one output we get voltage PoE48V + LAN to connect to the IP camera. On the second output voltage is 24V and is used to power the radio IP module.

Converter PoER-24 is ideal for powering RF IP modules by PoE switches.

PoER-24 is compatible with all commercially available transmission systems for IP cameras, which work requires 24V.


In our offer you will find the following products for wireless transmission of IP cameras:

PoER-24h includes:
• internal converter PoER -24h x 1 pc,
• handle x 1 pc,
• manual, CE declaration of conformity.


Switch (A) transmits power PoE48V to converter PoER -24h (B). Voltage of 48V is transmitted from the converter to the IP camera. In addition, the converter changes the voltage from 48V to 24V and supplies the radio module CDS-6IPeco.


NOTE: PoER-24h and PoER-24 are not Ethernet switches, but power converters from 48V to 24V. LAN signal is transparently passed to the LAN port "Camera" to the LAN port "Radioline". A typical switch PoE for 4 IP cameras and radio module device is X-CAMswitch.

Basic parameters

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