X-CAMswitch is a 4-port, external PoE switch working in LAN 10/100 Base-T. It allows you to connect to the LAN and power 4 PoE IP cameras. Power at PoE ports is transferred directly from the PoE-IN input. Each channel is independently protected by PoE automatic fuse.

Application Example 1
X-CAMswitch forwards signal from 4 IP cameras to NVR at the same time it powers them with 48V PoE.

X-CAMswitch PoE switch for IP cameras

Depending on the version of the device, the switch X-CAMswitch has the following power input:

X-CAMswitch / 12 can be powered from 12V-32V DC or AC with dome camera 24V AC,

X-CAMswitch / 48 can be powered from AC adapter 48V DC or 48V PoE.


Units can be combined with each other to obtain, respectively, number of ports:

  • 8 (the two X-CAMswitch),
  • 11 (for the three X-CAMswitch),
  • 14 (for four X-CAMswitch).


Application Example 2

3 units of X-CAM switch send the signal from the 10 IP cameras.

External  external PoE switch

Application Example 3
X-CAMswitch powers the wireless CDS-6IPeco (Tx) and supplies the PoE and transmits the signal from 3 cameras. CDS-6IPeco (Tx) sends a radio signal to the receiver CDS-6IPeco (Rx). To power the whole system you need only one power supply from 12 to 48V DC.

Wireless system for PoE IP cameras


LAN ports 5 x LAN 10/100 Mbps yes yes
Ports with PoE 4 x LAN (RJ45) for IP cameras with PoE yes yes
Ports without PoE 1 x LAN (RJ45) to connect the recorder or the next switch. (This port is also used to power the X-CAM with another switch or PoE power supply) yes yes
POWER INPUT - standard   
48V DC 48V DC
(Maximum power of connected cameras: 4x15,4W)
yes yes
Recommended power supply ZS-48/1.5 yes yes
POWER INPUT - special   
12-24V DC / AC Possibility of power supply 12-24V DC/AC.
(Maximum power of connected cameras: 4x8W)
RJ45 power input from another switch or PoE injector (48V) PoE 802.11af)
Note: This port is used to power a switch or switch with cameras but together do not exceed the power of 25W!
Power output for cameras Passive PoE48V Power: 15.4W or 8W (depending on the used power supply 48V or 12V)
Compatibility with cameras powered PoE (PD) operating in the IEEE 802.3af
yes yes
Power output for wireless modules PoE24V Passive PoE24V 0,5A
(Compatible with wireless IP modules powered PoE24V)
yes yes
Cable length with PoE 10Base-T:
UTP Cat. 3, 4 or 5 (up to 100m)
UTP Cat. 5 or 5e (up to 100m)
yes yes
Security automatic fuses on each PoE port yes yes
LED indicators Power PoE IN, Power IN DC, Link / Act, PoE Status, PoE RADIO 24V yes yes
MAC address table 1k yes yes
Mdern outer casing IP 65 yes yes
Operating temperature -20° C ÷ 55° C yes yes
Dimensions 140 mm (W) x 180 mm (H) x 60 mm (L) yes yes
Power consumption [W] <6W <4W
Compliance with standards CE, RoHS yes yes
Included   • X-CAMswitch/12 x 1 pc.
• holder for pipes / clamp to the mast x 2 pcs.
• manual, declaration of conformity
• X-CAMswitch/48 x 1 pc.
• holder for pipes / clamp to the mast x 2 pcs.
• manual, declaration of conformity


Basic parameters

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