The set contains: one wireless video transmitter and receiver operating within free ISM 5725 MHz to 5875 MHz. Designed for wireless image and sound transmission in professional system cctv and wherever the stable and high quality audio-video wireless video sender is required.

The CAM5816 microwave links are designed to provide an extremely high parameters of an image transmission even though the heavy industrial interfered conditions occur. These CCTV KITS are designed for a security branch, ranging from industrial cameras, or fast rotational video camera, or DVR recorders up to professional audio-video radiolinks of public television. This videosystem is Long range Wireless Video Link (CAM5816h /5 - range of 5 km). 

The possibility of use of up to 8 independent video channels along with high image quality makes the CAM5816h set is suitable for almost every demanding video monitoring system cctv. The additional advantages of radio frequency system cctv are the mount-ability and mobility of the equipment, the possibility to relocate the video camera without any investments.  The CAM5816h wireless CCTV kits can be also an excellent complement to the existing wired monitoring network with no interference in existing cabling.

Example of kit selection:

  • for 1PTZ camera : PTZ modem (CDO4) x2 and CAM5816h x1, 
  • for 1 CCTV camera: CAM5816H x2.

Kit consists of:

  • 5,8 GHz video transmitter,
  • 5,8 GHz video receiver.

mount grips

  • 5,8 GHz video radio links  for CCTV cameras,
  • cctv instalations,
  • DVR recorders and multiplexers,
  • CCTV television,
  • operates with cameras with resolution up to 1000 TVL.
Basic parameters

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