Kit designed especially to operate on short distances.

Kit consists of transmitter and receiver operating on free band ISM 5725 - 5875 MHz, designed for wireless audi&video signal transmission in CCTV industry or wherever stable, high quality transmission is required. Possiblity of use up to 8 independent video channels in connection to high quality image makes CAM-5816h suitable for nearly each, evan most demanding security system. Additional plus of radio link is ease of use and assmbly, also possibility of location changing without any additional cost. CAM-5816h can also be a great supplement to already existing wired network, without intervention in already installed cabling.

  • CCTV cameras,
  • cctv installations,
  • DVRs and multiplexers,
  • CCTV systems,
  • operates with cameras with resolution up to 1000 TVL.
Basic parameters

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