CAM-5816h Multi is solution which reduces No. of transmitters and receivers in one monitoring system four times. It is very important if costs of monitoring system should be lowered and also while installing such CCTV system. Up till now monitoring system with eight CCTV cameras required eight kits. Now, thanks to CAM-5816h Multi microwave links, number of wireless kits is reduced to just two. CAM-5816h Multi provides 16-channel analogue real time wireless transmission.

This device has one antenna input which allowes receiving four video PAL signals simultaneously and eight audio signals. Usage of omnidirectional antenna enables signal receiving from all directions (360º). If signal is being transmitted from just one direction there is a possibility of using directional antenna AK19, what extends range of work as well. Another advantage of multi-receiver is fact that for each video output any channel of work can be assigned.


Kit consists of:

  • 5,8 GHz video transmitter of 4 signals, 
  • 5,8 GHz multi receiver,
  • U-bolt grips.


  • as a multi-kit for sending four independent video signals (PAL),
  • as a signal repeater,
  • cctv instalations,
  • operates with cameras with resolution up to 1000 TVL.
Basic parameters

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