Wireless video transmitter CAM5816h Multi-Tx is our latest wireless video sender which reduces No. of transmitters in one monitoring CCTV system four times. This 5,8 GHz video transmitter is very important if costs of monitoring system should be lowered and also while installing such systems. Up till now monitoring system with eight CCTV cameras required eight transmitters in transmitting point. Now, thanks to 5,8 GHz video transmitter  with multi option number of transmitters is reduced to just two.

This device has one antenna input which allowes transmitting four video PAL signals simultaneously and eight audio signals.

  • as a multi outdoor 5,8 GHz video transmitter- receives four independent video signals (PAL),
  • as a signal repeater in CCTV system,                                       
  • operates with cameras with resolution up to 1000 TVL.
Basic parameters

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