CDS-5021 indoor digital radiolink is designed for video and audio transmission within buildings for up to 100 m distance (in-lift surveillance and monitoring of moving objects). Due to OFDM modulation, the system can be used in areas, that have no line-of-sight of antennas, such as built-on areas! The system is also designed for mobile operation and is used for video transmission from the lift or moving vehicle.

This CCTV system provides the transmission  of complete PAL image of resolution of 720 x 576 (D1) with the rate of 25 frames per second. The encryption using 128 bit identification code provides the protection against spying.

CDS-5021 has Composite video and S-video inputs with two audio channels. It allows for transmission of control signal from any IR remote control unit (option). Due to deployment of separate transmitting and receiving antennas, the possibility of broad selection of receiving antennas has been achieved to extend the transmission ranges. 

The basis of system operation is an OFDM modulation (described below), known from WIMAX digital systems where high transmission rate with minimal image compression has been reached.

Both, the wireless video sender as well as the receiver of this video system are the bidirectional devices which have separate transmitting and receiving antennas.

CDS-5021 can operate in closed environment having obstacles, eg. transmission between rooms, between stores of building, through walls and other obstacles, up to 50 – 100 m. The indoor CDS-5021 can be used as a sender which transmits an image and voice, eg. from TVsat tuner or DVD player, to TV sets located in other rooms. Moreover, CDS-5021 has a remote control transmission functionality. CDS-5021 iTi is home video security systems  which can control  the TVsat tuner, located in other room, watching TV in your room.

To start up the CS-5021 CCTV system, it is only required to align the direction of antennas as well as to connect the video signal and the power supply. There is no need to find the available frequencies nor to set the operating channels. Within first 30 seconds after power on, the device finds the frequency available in the area automatically and stores this channel as its operating channel. This is requirement for devices working on 5.2 GHz band where reciprocal interference has been eliminated.  

The superb quality of transmission has been gained from implementation of:

  • OFDM modulation known from digital WIMAX systems,
  • Dynamic selection of power and operating frequency (channel)
  • Transmission protection with 128 bit encryption code
  • QoS mechanisms, which provide the high quality of transmission
  • MPEG2 compression, which allows high speed transmission of video streams and multimedia data. This compression is used in other systems, such as digital satellite television or DVB-T,
  • MIMO technology, which increases the throughput of wireless link thank to multiple antennas to transmit and receive radio signals. The use of MIMO technology gives the following advantages:
  • increased reliability of link, due to higher immunity to failures or echoes of radio signal

  CDS-5021 set consists of:

  • Indoor digital OFDM video transmitter x 1 pcs
  • Indoor digital OFDM receiver x 1 pcs
  • 5dbi omnidirectional antenna x 6 pcs
  • Operation Manual
  • CE conformity declaration  
  • transmission from in-lift surveillance or from monitoring of moving objects
  • image transmission in heavy interfered areas, eg. close to power lines, railways and contact lines, close to internet WiFi networks, in mines, etc.
  • signal transmission from TVsat tuners or DVD players  to other rooms,
  • image transmission between rooms in hospitals or schools,
  • in cable television or recording studios
  • transmission from computers or cameras to projectors  
  • CCTV and TV cameras
  • transmission from DVR recorders or multiplexers, also through obstacles  
  • operates with cameras with resolution up to 1000 TVL.
Basic parameters

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