Digital wireless audio/video transmission system with parameters identical like CDS-5021h, but equipped with additional functions;

  • Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint configuration,
  • Manual channel selection (16 avaliable channels),
  • Possibility to regulate output power of tx antenna,
  • Additional watchdog.

CDS-5021h STR is dedicated for installs with 4 or more digital transmission kits. Designed to operate in point-to –point or point-to-multipoint mode (one transmitter to several receivers).

One way mode characterizes with much bigger resistance to mutual interference (not like in case of DFS function – dynamic frequency selection), what allows to mount digital receivers near analogue receivers, also allows to mount additional antennas on receiver side ie. sector or omnidirectional.

Manual channel selection and the regulation of transmitting antennas are very helpful when running multiple kits.

Additional watchdog automatically resets Link transmitter / receiver . Additional functions can be set via 8 positional type switch jumper .

CDS-5021h STR digital radio link is designed for large professional CCTV systems where coding and VERY high resistance to interference is required.

VERY high resistance to interference makes system  extremely suitable to:

• dense urban development,

• Work nearby mains,

• Work in the vicinity of large Internet networks,

• Work in the absence of  LOS,

The system provides a complete picture of PAL transmissions at a resolution of 720 × 576 ( D1) at a speed of 25 frames / s encrypted with 128-bit identification security code against third parties.

Unique transmission quality obtained thanks to the use of:

• OFDM modulation known from Digital Systems WIMAX,

• Dynamic Power and frequency selection,

• 128-bit security code,

• QoS - Mechanisms that provide high quality transmission,

• Compression MPEG2 - allows transmission of data transmissions for high-speed data and multimedia streams,

• MIMO technology increasing bandwidth wireless multi-antenna transmission involving both the and receiving SIDE,

• increase the reliability of links due to increased resistance to fading and reflection of the radio signal,

• Quality transmission resulting from the simultaneous reception of the collective signal from several directions.

CDS5021h (STR) consists of :

• Transmitter in IP 65 external housing With an integrated 19 dBi directional receiving ANTENNA x 1 set.,

• The receiver in IP 65 external housing With an integrated 19 dBi directional receiving Antenna x 1 set.,

• Users manual,

• conformity declaration.

  • CCTV camsaras,
  • DVRs and multiplexsers,
  • operates with cameras with resolution up to 1000 TVL.
Basic parameters

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