Wireless CCTV system for analog cameras

Our wireless system for cctv instalations is the solution wherever video and audio transmission is to be carried out without the use of wires. TCO-7h Plus is a solution developed to meet the needs of customers who require a reliable system for wireless transmission of audio and video monitoring systems of home security, commercial and industrial buildings, both inside and outside.

Transmitter and receiver have many features and functions that distinguish them from similar on the market and ensure a stable and safe operation of the system and uninterrupted signal transmission.

For your convenience, the system TCO-7h Plus is updated and enriched with additional features that make it unique.

The product has a built-in surge protection and noise filters. This ensures long life and stable operation, which saves valuable time and reduces the cost of the system. The machine's design has been tailored for the demanding and professional installers. Each TCO-7h Plus is equipped with two video inputs UTP 120 Ohm and 75 Ohm BNC. You no longer need to buy additional UTP converters -they are all in one device.

Another distinguishing feature of the TCO-7h Plus wireless cctv kit is working with TCO meter device, which examines the strength of the signal and allows to set system parameters to achieve optimal direction of antennas and the best possible picture and sound transmission. It is a great convenience for the installer during installation of equipment.

Transmission with 7 cameras up to 1500 meters

The product allows you to send av signal from 7 cameras (7 operating channels) over a distance of 1.5 kilometers. For distances less than 300 m use a smaller system TCO-7h Plus / 300. Our technicians will be happy to help you in case of even the slightest doubts and questions.


Application example
An owner of a small homestead wanted a convenient monitoring of his buildings,
the pond, and the part of the forests where his timber has been repeatedly stolen
from. He installed two Rx modules (TCO-7h Plus/300) on his house [1] which
pick up the signal from the barn [2] , where a camera with a Tx is located, and
from the camera which sees the pond and the logging site [3].



 Public objects:

  • cctv cameras in schools,
  • shops,
  • city monitoring,
  • security systems on petrol stations,
  • transmission by roads and highways,
  • image transmission on historic buildings,
  • churches and museums.


 Industrial facilities:

  • video surveillance in construction sites,
  • warehouses,
  • forest monitoring, landfills, hazardous areas and potentially explosive,
  • areas of construction and excavation pit,
  • image transmission from barges.


 Private areas:

  • farm,
  • settlements,
  • parking lots.


Basic parameters

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