We are constantly expanding the limits of technology capabilities to develop highly innovative solutions that exceed the most demanding security expectations and bring benefits in the form of quick and easy commissioning and time saving.

As a result of our engineers' work, we completed the project of the world's first wireless system for TVI /AHD cameras. We have created a wireless system for 2Mpix cameras in TVI (TurboHD) and AHD technology with a radio range of 500m.

CAM-TVI/AHD2.0 is an innovative wireless system supporting analogue HD-TVI and AHD 2Mpix cameras with analogue input and output BNC in the TVI/AHD standard.

Designed specifically for cooperation with Hikvision's TurboHD and AHD cameras and recorders and other manufacturers using the analogue TVI/AHD standard. It is compatible with 3in1 and 4in1 cameras available on the CCTV market.


The CAM-TVI/AHD2.0 system is the perfect solution when designing the installation of analog TVI/AHD video monitoring. Thanks to the possibility of using 4 operating channels in the 5.8 GHz band (CE band for the EU) and additionally 12 independent video channels intended for other regions, it enables the transmission from many TVI/AHD cameras.


The transmitter has:

• BNC 75ohm video input for TVI/AHD signal from 2Mpix and 1.3Mpix cameras

• Power input in the range from 12V to 24V DC

• DIPswitch to set work channels


The receiver has:

• BNC video output 75ohm analog TVI/AHD 2Mpix or 1.3Mpix signal

• Power input in the range from 12V to 24V DC

• DIPswitch to set work channels


Example of application CAM-TVI/AHD2.0 cameras

On a small housing estate a CCTV system was created with use of TVI cameras. The monitoring center has been created in the highest building in the area 1. There are 3 receivers installed there to collect the signal from three transmitters located all over the neighborhood.

Tall trees near building 2 cause a lack of sight with the receiver installed in the monitoring center 1. For this reason, the installer must add a retransmission point 3. The transmitter on the building 2 sends the image to the retransmission point 3. From the point of retransmission 3 image is transmitted to the monitoring center 1.


Transmisja radiowa obrazu i dźwięku dla kamer AHD


• Wireless transmission from Hikvision and AHD cameras

• For 3in1 and TurboHD and AHD cameras

• For TVI/AHD recorders (TurboHD and AHD)

Basic parameters

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