CDS-Lift IP is a wireless system for elevators monitoring created in response to high demand for this type of product in the security market, which meets all required safety standards. This is a unique product enabling high and stable transmission quality combined with high immunity to interference, as well as exceptional ease of launch, without a PC and without the required knowledge.

The system transmits the signal wirelessly from IP cameras placed inside the elevators cabin. The image quality is lossless and the same as in case of the wired transmission. CDS-Lift IP transmits all video, audio, and data transparently. One receiver can collect signals from two independent elevators operating in the same shaft.

Transmitter with two inputs for IP cameras

Each transmitter has two inputs for IP cameras. Each input sends the image from the camera with a resolution up to 8 megapixels.

Quick to install and easy to run

The transmitter requires no knowledge. Just follow the instructions to select the operating mode (transmitter or receiver) and select the operating channel (frequency).

Resistant to interference and signal reflections

The use of digital radio technology provides stable transmission even when the cabin moves at high speed and despite the transmission between a many wires in the shaft.

Standards and Safety

The CDS-Lift IP meets the latest emission standards EMC for radio equipment EN-301 489-1 and EN 301 489-17- the same as for eg. mobile phones, wireless headphones and other radio devices that can work in the lift cabin. Equipment has also been tested for compliance with safety standards such as EN-50385 and EN-60950 and is acceptable for safe use.


The system is designed to work in the electrical and hydraulic cranes, both old and new types. It is used in personal elevators, freight elevators, hospital elevators or special lifts. For more information please contact technicians and engineers CAMSAT.


  • CDS-Lift IP x 1 pc.
  • The handle shaft with adjustable angle x 1 set.


Basic parameters

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