iCAM-LTE is an additional option to the mobile camera iCAM-MobileHD allowing monitoring via the GSM LTE Internet (remote control, preview ONLINE and access to recordings from anywhere in the world). Latest industrial LTE technologies used in iCAM-LTE allow continuous and stable transmission of video in Full HD, without distance limitations.

The range without optical visibility of antennas (buildings, forest, densely built-up areas, mountains).

Equipping iCAM with special GSM LTE module you do not have to care about the visibility of optical antennas or WiFi. LTE goes through the walls and other minor obstacles, so you can mount the iCAM-MobileHD for example inside a building or a forest and receive the image on your computer, tablet or NVR anytime, anywhere via the Internet.

From now on, mobile monitoring system is even faster at startup.

Just take iCAM out of the car, insert in the handle, turn the ignition key to turn on the power on and leave.
All settings can be done via the Internet from anywhere in the world with a speed of up to 100 / 50Mbps.

Two GSM operators simultaneously.

It happens that your phone does not have GSM coverage and the person next door has 4 lines? This is the past. iCAM-LTE enables using two mobile LTE operators. It has two slots for SIM cards so you can provide even greater area coverage using two independent LTE operators. Thanks to this the connection with iCAM is up to two times faster and more stable.


200, 300, 400 km range and more- without limits

iCAM-LTE coverage has no limits, you only need a SIM card with LTE data packet. You have access to the iCAM and all the options from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

One LTE module for multiple iCAM-MobileHD cameras

If you have multiple cameras iCAM-MobileHD you can connect them to one LTE module through a built-in radio link 5 GHz. Our system iCAM-MobileHD allows you to configure the radio link to the interconnection of several cameras iCAM-MobileHD to one video recorder and LTE module.

SMS Notification - Monitor remotely the battery status in iCAM

SMS function* allows the monitoring of the battery status. iCAM-LTE will inform you about the low battery voltage so that you have complete control over the mobile camera (for module iCAM-LTE/2).

Damage proof IP66 housing

iCAM-LTE module is equipped with two special elastic antennas with strong "N" connections which are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage. The main part managing the industrial LTE transmission is hidden in special IP66steel housing with holder adapted for PTZ cameras (socket G1).


iCAM-LTE is compatible with all versions of iCAM-MobileHD ie. iCAM-MobileHD Gold, iCAM-MobileHD Silver, iCAM-MobileHD Gold / 20D, iCAM-MobileHD Silver-20D.


  • The iCAM-LTE x 1 pc.
  • Omnidirectional antenna with N connector x 2 pcs.

Available versions:

  • iCAM-LTE - the major version
  • iCAM-LTE / 2 - Includes all options for major version of iCAM-LTE and additionally monitoring of battery status with SMS notification.


Note: Extra power consumption (8W) can shorten battery life camera ICAM-MobileHD.

The iCAM-LTE requires a fixed IP address of the SIM card and large data packet LTE. At present the cost of the internet with unlimited data and from a fixed IP address is about 70 PLN net in Poland (06.02.2017r). Consultants CAMSAT provide you with any guidance as to acquire such SIM cards.

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