CD-08 is a miniature two-way wireless system to control PTZ (high-speed) RS-485 line. It is compatible with other wireless systems CAM8h-AHD, WCT-02h, CD-06 and all systems of wireless video produced by CAMSAT. The transmission parameters are close to popular telemetry systems CD-04, and the transmission distance is less than 3 km.

Telemetry module CD-08

It has been designed for CCTV using PTZ cameras that work in the harshest industrial environments.

It does not require full visibility between the optical antennas (LOS and NLOS).

Due to its low frequency, and advanced highly sensitive transmission modulation, the radio transmitter does not require full visibility between the optical antennas. You can send PTZ control signal, even by small obstacles such as branches of trees, a fence, a wall or a single composite glass. It is possible to further extend the product range through different antennas or retransmission point.

Free operating band

CD-08 does not require any authorization or license to use the 869 MHz band. This band is not very occupied which gives low interference and stable transmission even in the centers of agglomerations.

The system enables two-way (half-duplex) data transmission (PTZ cameras) of protocols such as ELCO-D, PELCO-P, DAHUA, HIKVISION, IPOX, LC SECURITY, Optiva, Internec, EVOS, LG Multix, D-max , VICON, GANZ, SAMSUNG, COP-2, Santachi, PANASONIC, Longcomity, HUNDA600, LILIN, VICON, MOLYNX, Kalatel, VCL, Reserved, ALEC, COP-1, Ultrak, Bosch Bi-phase (with additional converter), ARITECH, Sensormatic, Baxal, Dynacolor and many others..


Module CD-08 works with PTZ cameras:

  • AHD,
  • TVI,
  • CVI,
  • PAL i NTSC.

and industrial automation systems such as:

  • meters and heat meters with RS-485,
  • information boards with RS-485,
  • motherboards industrial devices with RS-485 interface,
  • control teams signposts and traffic lights,
  • transmits wireless information from electronic devices scattered on the ground.

Compatible with:

  • CAM8h-AHD - Video System AHD,
  • WCT-02, WCT-02h - 2 inputs relay control,
  • CD06 – 6 inputs relay control,
  • any device with RS-485 (halfduplex operation, 2400-19200bps, 8N1 and 8E1).
  • control PTZ cameras,
  • cooperates with cameras AHD, CVI, TVI.
Basic parameters

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