CD-04 is a wireless control system for PTZ cameras and DVRs which use RS232 and RS485 protocol. It works with any PTZ AHD, TVI and CVI camera AHD. Transparently transmits PTZ control protocols from the latest analog HD and PAL cameras up to 6km.

Telemetry Modem operates in the unlicensed ISM band at 869 MHz. In addition to the camera control additionally allows to receive information, for example alarms from cameras or confirmation of the command.

Designed to meet the high demands posed devices used in CCTV systems and automation.

It works, among others, with such protocols as:

PPELCO-D, PELCO-P,  DAHUA, HIKVISION, IPOX, LC SECURITY, Optiva, Internec, EVOS, LG Multix, D-max, VICON, GANZ, SAMSUNG, COP-2, Santachi, PANASONIC, Longcomity, HUNDA600, LILIN, VICON, MOLYNX, KALATEL, VCL, Reserved, ALEC, COP-1, Ultrak, BOSCH Bi-phase (with an additional converter), ARITECH, Sensormatic, Baxal, Dynacolor and others.

Encrypted data transmission

Information sent by modem telemetry CD04 are encrypted with 64-bit key. Thanks to that use of our system is safe and can not be disturbed by outsiders.

  • bidirectional transmission of RS-485, RS-232 modem and TTL 5V protocols
  • control of PTZ camers
  • control of DVR recorders
  • remote supervision of alarm and fire systems
  • Wireless Data transmission
Basic parameters

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