The 365 days/year solar and wind power system for iCAM cameras and CCTV observation cameras with a continuous power of 30W. The system takes into account the power reserve for the autumn-winter season and year-round work with a several days supply (working on the batteries only). Designed for the geographical latitude of Poland and other western and southern European countries.


The main parameters of the camera power supply system:

• DC voltage: 12V DC or 24V

• Power consumption for the camera system: up to 30W (12-24V DC)

• Correct installation of the panels: towards the south at an angle of 60 degrees (relative to the ground) in not shaded location

• Solar power plant based on highly efficient SHARP solar panels

• 25 years warranty for linear output power

• Production of panels: Germany

• Weight of solar panels: 62 kg

• Dimensions of solar power plant: about 3000x1200x980 mm

• Temperature range for panels: -40 + 85°C

• A wind power plant with a capacity of several hundred watts

• Generator with high-power permanent magnet

• Starting torque at a wind speed of 2.8 m / s

• UV-resistant carbon blades, tested in accordance with DIN EN 61400-2 at a wind speed of 122 km/h (5480 rpm)

• Generator weight: 9.9 kg

• Blade diameter: 1200mm

• Dimensions: 630x589x1200mm

• Batteries: 3 pcs.



• Photovoltaic panels: 10 years for the product, 25 years for power output

• Batteries: 1 year

• Electronic controllers and wind turbines: 2 years


Additional mounting system

The system is designed for mounting on a post at an angle of 60° for a set of SHARP panels and three battery boxes. Steel construction hot dip galvanized by immersion method according to PN-EN ISO-1461.

The panel holder and battery box grips are attached to the pole with brackets.


One assembly system includes:

1. The rack mounting frame - 1 set.

2. Holder of the frame and battery box - 1 set.

3. Battery box holder - 2 sets

4. A set of zinc-coated fasteners (bolts, self-locking nuts, washers).

5. Battery box and charging regulator - 3 pcs.

• made of polymeric raw materials - polypropylene - with a high impact strength and resistance also at low temperatures. The durable structure is resistant to atmospheric and chemical factors

• internal dimensions SxHxG 540x340x420 [mm],

• two locks (two keys included),

• cover reinforced with ribs; under the cover there is a well-fitting, rubber gasket ensuring tightness which prevents water and dust from entering the box. Cover hinges are mounted along the entire length guaranteeing tightness

• smooth interior surface - easy cleaning

• four polyamide PG 21 IP68 cable glands

• weight: 9kg / pcs

• load capacity: 60kg / pcs

• weight of assembly structures: about 98 kg (without batteries, regulators and panels)

NOTE: Proper selection of the assembly location and achieved parameters depend on the project, atmospheric factors, location, soil properties and other important project parameters. Visualization and parameters are examples and do not constitute an offer. The final parameters depend on the specific location and conditions.

ATTENTION: Proper selection of the assembly site and determination of its strength is the responsibility of the people executing the system installation.



The pipe pole is intended, among others, for the assembly of the SHARP system and a wind turbine mounted on a Ø 48.3mm pipe stub. Strength calculated for wind zone II. Hot dip galvanized by immersion method according to PN-EN ISO-1461. Weight approx. 300 kg. Placing the column on a cast or prefabricated foundation.


The foundation:

The set does not include a prefabricated foundation, which should be selected at the design stage according to the properties of local lands.

NOTE: The selection of the type and dimensions of the foundation is always dependent on the conditions of foundation, and the obligation to properly select them, in accordance with the provisions of the Construction Law, rests with the designer.


The valuation of assembly costs depends, among others on the following parameters and assumptions:

• standard assembly in clean ground

• possibility to approach each post with a HDS vehicle at a distance of 2-3 m

• location indicated by the ordering party

• there is no need to disassemble and recreate the surface

• there are no underground installations at the installation site that collide with the foundation of the structure

• on the south side there are no obstacles to the operation of the power plant, i.e. buildings, trees and other elements.


Note: Systems of this type are 100% dependent on weather conditions, insolation and wind conditions in a given area. The estimated power reserve has been added but the weather conditions can be unpredictable and different from the expected ones.


The system is priced individually according to the assumptions and needs of the client.

Pictures and some technical parameters may differ from the final product.

Basic parameters

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