CDS-IntercomIP is a wireless system for intercoms and IP video intercoms transmission of HD video, audio and control signals between the door station and the panel monitor. If you have two, three or even four wickets you can connect all to one monitor / handset. CDS-IntercomIP will also allow the connection of one wicket with 4 monitors / headphones of your IP intercom. It is convenient, easy to start and easy to configure.

The device designed for use wherever you want to avoid troublesome wiring, and need remote access to the gate or gates away even a few hundred meters away from the monitor.

Easy - without instructions

The transmitter requires no complicated configuration. Simply select switch mode of transmitter (eg. panel / gate) or receiver (eg. monitor / house) and operating channel and that is all.

Bidirectional transmission

The system automatically switches to the bi-directional mode and transmits a priority signals in the corresponding directions. You can combine several gates to one monitor or one gate to multiple monitors at home.

It works by trees, bushes, windows and fences - does not require full optical visibility of antennas

Thanks to the advanced digital modulation CDS-IntercomIP does not require full optical visibility of antennas. The signal passes through the individual trees, shrubs or fences at a range of more than 200m.

200m with obstacles, 1000m LOS

If there is an optical visibility between the antennas, CDS-IntercomIP provides HD transmission even at 1000m (LOS) between the stations of video intercoms almost on every property. If you have a big obstacle, for example escarpment, hill or building CDS-IntercomIP modules can be combined in the retransmission mode, and send the signal with additional transmitters.

Transmitter with additional input for IP cameras

Each transmitter has an additional input for connecting eg video surveillance camera (additional IP cameras from the gates, or entry). In addition to the transmission of signals from intercoms the device can transmit the signal from any IP camera. Now you can have a preview and capture video from the vicinity of inputs or entrances to the property. You do not have to mount the camera at the transmitter. The signal from the camera to the transmitter can be supplied over a distance of 100m by UTP cable (Cat. 5 inexpensive twisted-pair cable).


  • CDS-IntercomIP x 1 pc.
  • PoE 48V x 1 pc.
  • Mounting ties x 1 set.
Basic parameters

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