What is rapid deployment CCTV tower?

What is rapid deployment CCTV tower?

Rapid deployment CCTV towers replace security guards.

The rapid deployment monitoring tower is an innovative product on the video surveillance market. The CAMSAT company offers a tower that combines mobility and flexibility, thanks to which it can be used to monitor construction sites, parking lots, outdoor events, squares or places with high crime. The CAMSAT tower can also be used to protect photovoltaic farms or border areas. Powered by capacious batteries and photovoltaic panels, it can operate in places where there is no access to a permanent power supply.

The product is very flexible, thanks to which the company can adapt it to the customer’s needs by equipping it with any equipment, also imported on special order. The CAMSAT tower requires only power supply, but thanks to the use of photovoltaic panels it can operate without access to external electricity. The tower is equipped with batteries that ensure uninterrupted operation in the case of power failures.

Remote access to the security systems is possible thanks to an efficient LTE router, and the video systems can be connected to a monitoring station or an application that supports the manufacturer’s recorder. The CAMSAT tower is equipped with a horn loudspeaker, which enables the broadcasting of warning messages.

The CAMSAT mobile monitoring tower is a product that can be used in any industry, thanks to which it gives an advantage over the competition. This tower is extremely versatile and adapted to various customer needs.

How does a rapid deployment CCTV tower work?

The iCAM Tower series is a rapid deployment monitoring tower that allows you to place a security system anywhere without the need to build a network infrastructure. The tower is equipped with batteries, which ensures uninterrupted operation even in the event of power failures. In addition, it is possible to use an alternative power source in the form of photovoltaic panels. Video systems can be connected to a monitoring station or an application that supports the recorder of a given manufacturer, which allows for the reduction of physical protection on the protected facility. In case of the need to interact with the environment, it is possible to use a horn loudspeaker that allows you to broadcast warning messages. All these functions are possible thanks to a powerful LTE router.
Rapid Deployment Tower CCTV - Mobile CCTV Tower
Rapid deployment CCTV towers


The iCAM Tower series is a rapid deployment monitoring tower that allows you to place a security system anywhere without the need to build a network infrastructure. The tower is equipped with batteries, which ensures uninterrupted operation even in the event of power failures. In addition, it is possible to use an alternative power source in the form of photovoltaic panels. Video systems can be connected to a monitoring station or an application that supports the recorder of a given manufacturer, which allows for the reduction of physical protection on the protected facility. In case of the need to interact with the environment, it is possible to use a horn loudspeaker that allows you to broadcast warning messages. All these functions are possible thanks to a powerful LTE router.
Rapid Deployment Tower CCTV - Mobile CCTV Tower
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The annual cost of providing 24/7 security requires employing 2.5 people. With mobile CCTV towers, there are no issues taxes, sick leave, personnel problems or another.

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Towers equipped with a very powerful solar-wind power system of over 1.3kW are self-sufficient and do not require battery replacement.

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If you choose iCAM Tower you will receive a tower controller that you can send to the service center via courier or swap between towers in case of damage. This saves you transportation costs for a heavy tower and minimizes the technician’s work time.


The construction of a rapid deployment tower is crucial for ensuring its reliable operation and durability. The tower’s main unit consists of three compartments, which the customer has independent access to, secured by a lock and alarm system. The main compartment contains power elements and video material archiving systems. An additional compartment is dedicated to manual operation of the telescopic mast, while the third compartment is used to store batteries.

At the top of the mast, there is a mounting platform where various devices can be installed, including AI-powered IP cameras, a horn speaker, an LTE router, and LED lighting. The mast should be equipped with wind stabilization in the form of 4 ropes.

The main unit typically has 4 extendable supports with leveling adjustment, which provide stability of the structure in adverse weather conditions, terrain leveling, or uneven ground. This allows the rapid deployment tower to operate in various conditions and on different terrains.


Wieża mobilna with emergency power supply at 12V DC is the perfect solution for customers who anticipate power outages of 230V AC above a few days. In the event of a power outage, the tower can be powered by photovoltaic panels and batteries. Thanks to the use of a buffer power supply, we bypass losses in voltage conversion, and IP cameras, recorder, tubular speaker, modem, and LED lighting work directly on low voltage.

To optimize power consumption, it is worth giving up additional LED lighting and cameras with high power consumption. On the mast, it is worth installing Dahua cameras from the Full Color series or Hikvision from the ColorVu series, which do not have IR illuminators and see well at night.

If the client values ​​ecology, the best solution will be dual power supply, i.e., photovoltaic panels and mains power. Mains power can be replaced by a fuel cell, a permanent or temporary generator. An important element is the system protecting batteries from complete discharge and the ability to remotely monitor the battery charge status.

The main unit of the rapid deployment tower is equipped with a high-capacity battery compartment designed to power 12V DC. Access to batteries is protected by a lock and a separate security area.

iCAM-OSD PRO - informacjie o zasilaniu solarnym 2023 EN mini


CCTV IP cameras with AI analytics are technologically advanced solutions for monitoring public and private spaces. These cameras allow for the use of artificial intelligence algorithms for automatic object and situation detection and classification. In the case of IP fixed position cameras with AI analytics and PTZ head, the operator can remotely control the camera’s viewing direction, allowing for flexible monitoring of selected areas.

CCTV IP cameras with AI analytics allow for advanced applications. Thanks to deep learning technology, AI analytics algorithms can accurately identify objects and detect behaviors such as crossing a line or detecting an intruder. The AcuSense technology allows for even greater precision in detecting and classifying objects by excluding false alarms.

An important feature of Hikvision and Dahua IP cameras is also the ability to set virtual lines and detection areas. Detection can be customized to individual needs and requirements. This way, the camera will only detect objects that are relevant to us and not generate false alarms.

Thanks to CCTV IP cameras with AI analytics, space monitoring becomes more precise and effective. Cooperation with Axis, BOSCH, DAHUA, and Hikvision companies allows for choosing the best solutions for the client’s specific needs.


An automatic warning megaphone is an ideal solution for dispatchers who need to install warning messages. The active tube megaphone allows for clear and effective delivery of warning messages. With a linear audio signal input, it can be directly connected to a recorder or the audio output of an IP camera.

The gain control range allows for adjusting the volume level of the broadcast message to individual needs. Tube megaphones are highly effective for delivering voice messages, while providing high sound intensity levels compared to traditional speakers. Specially selected frequency response ensures excellent speech clarity.

The aluminum speaker construction provides increased resistance to adverse weather conditions, confirmed by the IP65 protection rating. This way, the tube megaphone is not only an effective, but also a durable solution for dispatchers needing to install warning messages.


Security systems are an essential tool in today’s world where safety and property protection are becoming increasingly important. The offered solutions allow for effective protection of the external area thanks to trusted Satel and Optex sensors.

Current alarm control panels enable communication with security agencies through various methods such as SIA-IP, GSM, LTE, or SMS. The system should be equipped with additional functionalities such as motion detection sensors around the rapid deployment tower, reed switches for opening individual compartments with installed devices, shock and tilt sensors.

By equipping the tower with an alarm control panel, it is possible to communicate and notify about events through different channels such as SMS, mobile app or GPRS connections. This allows the user to have full control over their alarm system and react quickly in case of a threat.

It is worth noting that the effectiveness of the alarm system largely depends on the quality and choice of individual elements. Therefore, when choosing an alarm system, it is advisable to consult with professionals who will help to select the best solutions for individual needs and conditions. CAMSAT works with top producers such as Satel Integra, Hikvision, Dahua, Optex, Bosch, and Axis.

The tower that can be unfolded and transported by one person.

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Rapid deployment tower on road

Do you want to sleep peacefully - use only safe and professional constructions.

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Very important: the wide wheelbase

You don’t have to worry about the competence of the employee, because we also took into account safety during transportation with such a high structure. The wide wheelbase ensures safe transport even on very uneven terrain, at high speed and in conditions of side wind gusts.

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Thick steel and strong construction

Our rapid deployment towers are equipped with four batteries, each weighing 68kg, which, combined with driving on uneven and bumpy construction sites, requires a solid and reliable structure. That’s why our chassis are not ordinary trailers from construction markets, but specially designed and reinforced frames that provide maximum load capacity and DMC750. You can be sure about the safety while working with our rapid deployment towers.

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Safety is the most important

We recommend using tower stabilizing supports that provide durable and stable support for the tower in all weather conditions, and with a load capacity of up to 4x 1300kg, they ensure safety while working at height. The use of independent supports for solar systems significantly increases the stability and load capacity of the structure, enabling effective and safe use of the entire rapid deployment tower on any terrain.





More than 20 countries around the world have trusted us.

CAMSAT is a renowned manufacturer of rapid deployment towers that has been highly regarded by customers around the world for years. Our offer includes rapid deployment towers equipped with cameras from various brands and with different parameters, so that every customer can find a solution perfectly tailored to their needs.

All our rapid deployment towers include tested AI AcuSense/WizSense camera models and the best alarm center on the market, Satel Integra. This ensures that every customer can be sure that the tower will work reliably and effectively fulfill its tasks.

Our rapid deployment towers find application in many fields, such as monitoring industrial areas, stadiums, sports facilities, in the public safety sector, and many other places where quick and effective monitoring is required.

Our company offers not only the production of rapid deployment towers, but also their rental for a specified period of time. Our rapid deployment towers offer not only reliability and quality, but also mobility, which enables effective monitoring of various places simultaneously.

Therefore, if you are looking for a leader in the production of rapid deployment towers, CAMSAT is the best choice. Our solutions are used by companies around the world, and our long-standing presence in the market is a guarantee not only of quality, but also of continuous development and innovation. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and take advantage of our services.

CAMSAT 24/7 Technical Support

Over 20 years of experience allows us to design devices that are highly intuitive, easy to operate, and meet the most important functionalities in a given industry. We are available 24/7 to assist you.
CAMSAT’s 24/7 technical support department provides effective support for the company’s products. Online technical support and 24/7 technicians ensure that your devices are always operational.
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Rapid deployment towers on videos

Alarm in rapid deployment tower
Easy and quick commissioning
Lifting the mast with cameras

Newest CAMSAT pricelist for 2020 with new wireless CCTV systems is available!

Camsat is already in 2020 and presents new wireless CCTV.

The R&D projects department is working intensively, which resulted in the production of the latest wireless systems which all of Europe has asked about.

The security electronics market is changing rapidly, and Camsat creates it by responding to customer needs. New products in our portfolio fit into the strategy of strengthening the leading market position – emphasizes Przemysław Gralak, R&D of CAMSAT.

Download the latest CAMSAT pricelist for 2020

You will find hot wireless news in it:


The world’s first wireless video transmission set from analog cameras with a resolution of 2Mpix working with all available video standards – CVI, TVI, AHD …and, most importantly, at a very low price comparable with “old” PAL transmitters.

CDS-6IP Multi 3PoE

Wireless transmitter for IP cameras with three PoE+ ports. Our wireless systems are computers with Linux systems having the most efficient processor on the market – the latest radio bridges of the CDS-6IP series can send images from up to 16 cameras wirelessly. To make the installers’ work easier, we have designed a wireless transmitter with an additional 3 PoE ports with a capacity of 30W each. This allows you to connect 3 IP cameras directly to the radio unit without an additional switch. The transmitter itself works in PoE standard and can also be powered by PoE, e.g. directly from a switch or NVR. The large and efficient range, compatibility with any network standard and a much lower price makes the CDS-6IP Multi 3PoE the best radio link for IP CCTV cameras on the market.


All-year power supply systems for CCTV cameras in several variants – they ensure CCTV operation also in the most difficult winter period.

Selection of photovoltaic power supply for CCTV cameras


Set for wireless video transmission from analog CVI/TVI/AHD cameras up to 2Mpix

5.8GHz500m rangeAHD/CVI/TVIIP66
  • Full HD for the price of PAL - we created CAM-Analog2.0 by adding FullHD to TCO-5807h
  • TVI (TurboHD), CVI and AHD - compatible with every analog camera standard with a resolution of up to 2Mpix.
  • Large wireless range - up to 500 meters of LOS video transmission range.
  • 2 EU work channels working in the European 5.8 GHz band
  • Additional 6 channels work available in other countries
  • Analogue FM broadcast in real time
  • Solid BNC video ports on the transmitter and receiver
  • Waterproof design with IP66 protection
  • Compatible with all analog cameras FullHD 2Mpix - 4in1, CVBS, AHD, CVI, TVI.
  • Several sets on one installation - the possibility of running 2 sets side by side in Europe on 2 separate work channels
  • One set transmits one video image, i.e. you need 3 CAM-Analog2.0 sets for 3 cameras
  • CAM-Analog2.0 is a set containing transmitter and receiver

The smallest camera in the world with a grain size of sand

The smallest camera in the world has the size of a grain of sand.

40,000 pixels and size 0.65 x 0.65 x 1.158 mm. The developed camera is not a prototype, but a finished product. Its authors admit that it will have a significant impact on medical imaging from within organisms. The new matrix was on the list of Guinness records for “the smallest image sensor available in commercial sales”.

The smallest camera in the world and a grain of pepper. Fig. and info OmniVision

Mobile camera with high speed head

The film presents the new CAMSAT mobile camera with Avigilon high-speed head.

iCAM Pro mobile cameras

Mobile, wireless monitoring systems.

Quick installation of iCAM Pro cameras

The film presents the process of quick assembly of the iCAM-Mobile II HD camera from the iCAM Pro series.