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“Help people reduce startup time to a minimum” – this is the idea behind the latest video cameras for mobile video monitoring of cities. Here is the CAMSAT iCAM mobile camera series.

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Series: iCAM-MobileHD II

Rapid deployment cameras series with 4G/LTE and own battery that can be charged from any 230V lamppost.

230V30 days recording4G/LTEakumulator 12-16hHD 1080IP66Na latarnię
  • Lightning-fast implementation – cities video monitoring on any lamppost. An electrical connection like Christmas decorations.
  • Remote observation of areas of investment – observation of construction sites and town investment areas.
  • Great tool for municipal police – wireless monitoring of landfills, dangerous crossroads, helps to fight against vandalism.
  • Safe mass events – the system will remotely observe any events in any location – distance to the central point of monitoring is not an issue.
  • Lightweight, compact construction – professional HD video monitoring that works with any VMS, has its own battery, features 4G/LTE transmission, 5GHz, fast installation, and SMS notifications.


Rapid deployment system without IP camera, charged from a 230V lantern

"BACK" - without a camera230V30 days recording4G/LTEakumulator 12-16hIP66Na latarnię
13 800,00 
  • Compatible with any IP camera – among others with cameras of brands such as Hikvision, Dahua, Bosch, Axis, Avigilon, UNV, Samsung.
  • Vandal-resistant construction made from duralumin – protects the device against damage, and thanks to the IP66 protection class iCAM-Mobile II BACK is resistant to weather conditions.
  • Internal video recording – storage of 30 days of recordings thanks to the built-in 1TB memory.
  • Very fast implementation – video city monitoring on any street lighting lantern.


Powerful remote video monitoring capabilities at a low price.

230V4G/LTEHD 1080IP66
  • Powered directly from 100-230V AC – access to 230V power supply is enough to create a professional monitoring point.
  • 10 days of recording on the camera's SD card – additional local recording of images on SD cards in the IP camera itself; capacity and functionality depend on the IP camera used.
  • Compact, lightweight construction – solid steel construction protecting electronics.
  • Lightning-fast installation


Fast deployment 4G / LTE unit with battery adapted for mounting any IP camera - it is enough to plug 230V

"BACK" - without a camera230V4G/LTEBattery 4-6hIP66
4 780,00 
  • Your IP camera + iCAM-Mini II BACK = fast deployment, compact, wireless point of video monitoring
  • Any IP camera - the same CCTV system as iCAM-Mini II but does not contain an IP camera - yet, it is adapted to any IP camera of any manufacturer.
  • Compact and lightweight construction - solid steel construction electronics that manages:
    • battery,
    • automatical charging and powering from 230V,
    • 4G/LTE connection with 2 SIM cards,
    • security and controls systems,
    • displaying the most important parameters on the camera's image (OSD),
    • "MASS EVENTS" option that provides smooth 4G/LTE transmission in the vicinity of thousands of mobile phones.
  • 100% compatible - if your IP camera works with VMS/NVR then it will work identically with iCAM-Mini II BACK. Compatibility depends on the camera and VMS itself. iCAM is completely transparent and ensures 100% compatibility with any IP camera.


Special LTE mobile camera with its own battery power supply for 3 days

10 days recording4G/LTEbattery 72hdoes not need the power supplyHD 1080IP66
  • Unlimited wireless range – with 4G/LTE technology.
  • It does not even need power – the system is equipped with a powerful battery sufficient for 3 days of work with an HD camera.
  • Operating parameters on the OSD camera screen - displays the most important parameters directly on the camera image, e.g. battery voltage and percentage, alarm and events, LTE signal strength,
  • Quick and easy assembly even without the help of professional installers - the whole process involves inserting the camera into the quick mechanical slide-in socket, locking with a padlock and turning the key to turn on the power
  • GPS location - notifying the operator about leaving the assembly area


Fast deployment system - 100% wireless

"BACK" - without a camera10 days recording4G/LTEbattery 72hdoes not need the power supplyIP66
14 800,00 
  • Compatible with any IP camera – among others with cameras of brands such as: Hikvision, Dahua, Bosch, Axis, Avigilon, UNV, Samsung.
  • 128GB of memory – allows recording 7-10 days of videos.
  • Equipped with a light battery - enough to work for three days; the possibility of extension to 6-9 days.
  • Charger included in the set


Professional CCTV tactical suitcase with IP camera, LTE and battery for 16-45 days of continuous work.

4G/LTECCTV suitcaseGSMIP66micro cameraWi-FiWireless PIR
CaseCAM-PRO has the following options and modules:
  • 4G/LTE – for high-speed image transmission and control of the entire CCTV unit
  • 3G GSM for control and immediate alarm notifications via SMS
  • Wi-Fi – to quickly checking recordings and settings
  • Two PIR inputs for automatic triggering motion detectors:
    • switching on the entire system and switching on recording, exit from the energy-saving StandBy mode and switching on the full LTE transmission, notifications about the detection of larger objects, e.g. over 25 kg, etc.
  • MicroCAM-4M micro camera with miniature dimensions of 36x26mm and a resolution of up to 4Mpix (100% more than HD). Ejected on an 8m, flexible, black cable and with image storage on an SD card up to 56 days back.
  • 3 PoE ports for other IP cameras of any manufacturer
  • Video registration up to 120 days on the built-in NVR - 4 images with 4k resolution from any IP cameras
  • StandBy mode remote switching to save energy and extend battery life
  • Battery pack ensures 16-30 days of operation of the MicroCAM-4M micro camera. The batteries are very easy to replace, and the case has the ability to quickly install any Li-Ion, AGM or gel batteries.
  • Possibility to connect up to 4 batteries automatically switching or other 12V DC power sources, e.g. from a car
  • Remote live view via iOS / Android smartphone or laptop via Wi-Fi or LTE
  • IP66 tightness class provides full tightness and protection even when buried underground.
  • Very easy to use –99% of the settings are already pre-configured by CAMSAT. In addition, the customer receives factory settings in the SETTINGS file through which the user can restore the initial settings (from the date of purchase).
  • Options and additional accessories
    • Solar+ - Optional SOLAR power support (just connect the photovoltaic panel)
    • Wireless PIR motion detectors with 300m range
    • Battery cases with a capacity of 194Ah/14.4V - extending the working time of the camera to many weeks
    • Silent rotary cameras, thermal imaging and zoom lenses...


Miniature IP camera SONY STRAVIS 4Mpix with lens on the 8m cable, with Wi-Fi, H.265 compression, socket for 512GB SD card, I/O ports, Audio I/O, PoE

3MpixBetter than DS-2CD6425G0CCTV suitcaseHidden cameramicro cameraPoE+Wi-Fi
The microCAM-4M microcamera offers the following features and capabilities:
  • Very small physical size, and high quality video
  • SONY Starvis  - 1/2,8” converter with progressive scanning
  • High resolution: 2688x1520
  • Three independent streams with H.265 and H.264 compression
  • Starlight and true WDR
  • SD card slot up to 512GB / 54 days of video recording - built-in Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC card slot, up to 512 GB
  • Defog, ROI, motion detection
  • H.265, H.265+, H.264, MJPG
  • Privacy zones, camera obstruction detection
  • Audio IN/OUT with 3,5mm (small Jack) port
  • I/O - alarm input/output
  • Powered from PoE and 12V DC

simCAM – SIM card with LTE

A specialized SIM card for CCTV cameras without data limits and with a fixed IP address.

4G/LTEFor CCTVFull LTE speedno data limitpermanent ip address
  • Sim card without limits - no speed limits and the amount of data.
  • Access from outside - e.g. remote camera handling identical to wired solutions.
  • External services - allows you to launch external services, e.g. redirections
  • Full internet access - with maximum LTE speed.
  • Fixed ip address - allows simple and quick login in a web browser or live view application.


24-hour power supply system for CCTV devices from night road lighting installations.

12V18h battery22Ah Li-Ion230Vcascade loadingNa latarnięPoE+
5 980,00 
  • 24-hour power supply for CCTV cameras - as well as other electronic devices, using charging from road lighting installations.
  • Very short charging time - less than 6 hours, which allows you to use the power of the twilight lamps even in the summer season (short lighthouse operation).
  • All you need is a little electricity at night and iCAM-Battery230 will take care of your CCTV camera's energy for the rest of the day.
  • Cascade charging option - e.g. for 40W cameras you can use 2 modules iCAM-Battery 230 connected in cascade
  • Compatible with any cameras PoE IP or powered with 12V DC.
  • Very fast installation process on any mast, streetlight or facade.


External battery supply system for CCTV cameras with PoE+

5000 charging cyclesbattery 64Ah Li-Ionbattery 72hcascade loadingIP66
4 980,00 
  • Light, external 64Ah Li-Ion battery - a powerful and also very light lithium battery used among others in military equipment.
  • Battery supply for every CCTV system with PoE+ - iCAM-Battery has a PoE+ port and works with PoE+ and Hi-PoE (50W) cameras from manufacturers such as Bosch, Axis, Hikvision, Avagilon, Dahua, UNV, Vivotec, Flir, Novus, Aper, and many others.
  • Terminal port with 12V / 4A DC supply - it can be used for any electronic device.

iCAM-Magnetic STAND

Strong magnetic tripod for the car roof.

for carfor CCTV camerasgripmagnetic tripodtripod
3 460,00 
  • Very strong magnetic tripod - is a very strong magnetic tripod, which allows mounting CCTV systems from the iCAM and iConstruction-CAM series on the roof of almost every car. With this functionality, mobile cameras can be used in any location requiring temporary observation.
  • Very strong - magnets in rubber cover ensure stable assembly and work safety.
  • Special magnets - will adapt automatically to any surface shape. The tripod is perfect for any type of vehicle with a steel body.
  • Rapid installation on almost any car or steel surface. It may be mounted by one person efficiently.
  • iCAM-Magnetic STAND for safety has been equipped with very strong magnets with adjustable pressure depending on the needs and current load. System can be used with very heavy PTZ cameras.

One of the better systems for monitoring spaces are the iCAM cameras. This mobile monitoring system allows for securing various types of terrain without the need for wires or unnecessary infrastructure. CAMSAT cameras are used for remote monitoring of interesting locations and can be utilized by various services or organizations. Learn more about the benefits of the CAMSAT GSM camera.

Outdoor LTE camera – characteristics

First of all, you need to know that this type of mobile camera is a portable point equipped with a professional LTE module. It is thanks to him that it is possible to transmit the image remotely. The distinguishing feature of this system is that it can be moved from place to place, thanks to which you can quickly and easily change the observed area. Such cameras are becoming more and more willingly used in the age of the Internet.

Portable camera – for whom?

The LTE outdoor camera is the most convenient tool for monitoring a given space. Who can benefit from iCAM systems? Cameras will certainly come in handy:

investors on construction sites – especially the larger ones;
city guards – who can observe and secure places that are often destroyed by vandals, such as garbage dumps; car parks and intersections;
the police, special services;
city authorities to monitor urban spaces;
State Forests to observe forest spaces and prevent vandals.

As you can see, thanks to this system, the monitoring of a plot or other area is much simpler and can effectively deter potential damage. Importantly, such a camera can be installed anywhere, so you can observe the area that is most exposed to unwanted people.

Thanks to such cameras, it is also possible to monitor the premises of the workplace.

LTE iCAM-PRO cameras – types

CAMSAT’s offer includes various types of this type of cameras. For example, the iCAM-Mobile HD II series is available, i.e. a 4G/LTE mobile camera with its own battery power supply. Its advantage is that it can be charged from any lighting lantern at night, and work from batteries during the day. Another type is the GSM LTE Mini HD camera. It is possible to supply it with solar power through a solar panel. The model is distinguished by a compact and lightweight design, and its assembly does not require special permits and designs. Video material is recorded on this camera for 14-28 days, and the device can be controlled from any computer or tablet. Such an LTE camera will allow you to easily monitor, for example, places often destroyed by vandals. For all LTE iCAM-PRO cameras you can buy a Sim card without data limits and with a fixed IP address.

GSM iCAM-PRO camera how does it work?

Thanks to the 4G-LTE wireless communication system, mobile monitoring users are guaranteed a stable live view of the monitored area. The operation of the camera consists in detecting movement in a given place and informing the user via e-mail or application. Sound alarm and built-in microphone are other advantages of the equipment. The device sends automatic SMS information about detected alarm events. Importantly, the camera enables encryption of transmission and recording of video recordings according to the GDPR. The 4G camera with a SIM card can be mounted practically anywhere, thanks to which the correct viewing angle is maintained. The image resolution is very high with the latest H265 compression, so the image is not distorted,

4G camera – advantages

In addition to the above-mentioned issues, the undoubted advantages of the equipment also include a solid, weather-resistant steel housing. It can easily be used at both very low and very high temperatures. Another advantage is undoubtedly the efficient battery power supply, as well as the fact that the device can be controlled from any device – laptop, smartphone or VMS / NVR monitoring center. A function such as geolocation affects the ability to set the area of ​​the safe zone – if the LTE Sim camera is taken outside this zone, the user will receive SMS notifications with the current GPS position. It is also worth remembering that Camsat provides professional services, such as 24/7 service or conducting technical and commercial training.