2016 - year of HD and 4K in CAMSAT!

CAMSAT wireless transmission systems 2016

The CAMSAT company is a respected manufacturer of wireless video transmission systems for CCTV. The year 2016 became a turning point moving CAMSAT offer from analogue to new systems in the standards of IP, AHD and CVI. The company has launched a number of high-quality systems to meet the needs of the market.


Systems for IP cameras

There are three new series of wireless modules for IP cameras in CAMSAT offer. Each is intended for different uses. CDS-6IP series is an universal module with easy configuration panel. Series CDS-5IPmini are miniature IP modules for use wherever the size of the device is crucial (installation in tight spaces, facades requiring non-visible modules). CDS-EasyIP is a very strong wireless link for the IP camera with a very simple configuration - does not even require the user’s manual or the computer, configured using the dipswitch.



Wireless transmission in ip monitoring


iCAM-MobileHD – mobile IP monitoring

iCAM-MobileHD is a self-sufficient monitoring system that allows quick and easy change of location. It is ideal for city monitoring (thanks to frequent change of camera location, the services may have a preview of the place of greatest danger) or temporary location (eg. mass events, construction sites, etc.). Mobile camera is designed so that the installation of the new site was easy and fast (only 3 minutes), which makes the change of location does not constitute any obstacle. We created this product so that its use does not require complex projects and special permits. We hope that this solution will help you in the administrative way and will increase the local safety. The iCAM-MobileHD is simple to use and requires no expertise for the installation of the device.

The iCAM-MobileHD has a built-in recorder (allows you to record up to 30 days) and gives you is the ability to archive recorded video and a high-speed preview. In addition, thanks to precise optical zoom the area is monitored within a radius of 200 meters.

iCAM-MobileHD is also equipped in a rechargeable battery that provides 12-16 hours of constant work and can use eg. the power from urban lighting. The battery can be charged at night, which allows 24h working.



Systems for AHD cameras

CAM8h-AHD - system is a wireless transmission system from AHD cameras.


Wireless system do HDCVI cameras

The wireless system designed for signal transmission from the cameras in HDCVI standard. Product awarded with Gold Medal at Securex 2016. The system allows transmission of full HD signal at a distance of up to 2000 m. The set includes:

Qara-CVI transmitter has two CVI inputs plus 1 input IP, which allows the transmission of signals from three cameras connected directly to one transmitter

EVIF-Multi receiver for up to 4 Full HD signals simultaneously, working with a hybrid or network recorders with ONVIF.

Wireless module for PTZ control

CD-08 is a new miniature, hermetic device for a wireless signal transmission RS-485 at a distance of 3 km in frequency of 868 MHz. The module is designed to transmit data and control PTZ cameras. Telemetry system to control PTZ cameras, AHD, TVI, CVI and analog with RS-485.

Due to its low frequency, and advanced highly sensitive transmission modulation, the radio transmitter does not require full visibility between the optical antennas. You can send PTZ control signal, even by small obstacles such as branches of trees, a fence, a wall or a single composite glass.


Accessories for IP cameras and IP radio modules

X-CAMSwitch - PoE switch for IP cameras

X-CAMswitch is a 4-port external PoE switch working in LAN 10/100 Base-T. It allows you to connect to the LAN, and power supply for 4 PoE IP cameras. Each PoE channel is independently protected with automatic fuse. Switch X-CAMswitch / 12 has a power input 12-48V AC / DC, which allows you to connect a standard, low-cost 12V DC buffer power supply, battery, AC adapter of the PTZ camera 24V AC or 48V DC power supply.

PoER-24 – PoE power converter

PoER-24h is a hermetic PoE converter changing the voltage of PoE 48V for PoE 24V. Designed to power IP camera and radio IP transmitter. When connecting PoE48V power source or DC from 35V to 48V to the converter PoER-24 two adapter outputs are powered. At one output we get voltage PoE48V + LAN to connect to the IP camera. On the second output voltage is 24V and is used to power the radio IP module.

Converter PoER-24 is ideal for powering RF IP modules from PoE switches.

PoER-24 is compatible with all commercially available transmission systems for IP cameras, which require 24V.

Also available in the internal version - PoER-24.

Future plans

Next year we plan to further develop IP modules and extend the offer by AHD systems 2.0 Mpix and the awaited TVI system. We invite you to track information on our website and Facebook profile.

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