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System bezprzewodowej transmisji dla kamer CVI

World's first wireless CVI system from Poland’s CAMSAT

Analog HD – a new era of wireless surveillance

Analog HD surveillance technology, which combines the benefits of analog CCTV and HD IT surveillance, has recently made a significant progress. HD image offers a much higher resolution and provides more detail than the PAL standard. There are estimated 400 million analog cameras used around the world. This drives a strong demand for solutions that offer HD quality while leveraging the existing analog systems to avoid the costs of upgrading cables. But the market has also seen other changes.

While the range of available products keeps growing and distributors are consistently introducing new analog HD cameras and recorders, until recently there had been no wireless solution compatible with the new technology despite the growing demand for wireless transmission. This demand is driven by the dynamic growth of the surveillance industry due to the difficult international situation and increased security requirements both in private and public facilities.

CAMSAT is the first company to address the market's demand by launching QARA CVI, the first wireless system designed for new analog HD technologies.

Today, there are three major analog HD technologies on the market: CVI, AHD, and TVI. They all have their supporters, but will one of them dominate the market? Only time will tell. One thing is certain: analog HD systems are making tremendous progress.

As the surveillance industry moves ahead, there is a growing need for wireless solutions. In many sites, the installation of cables is impossible or technically difficult, so wireless transmission often proves to be the best or the only solution. With wireless technology it is also possible to increase the transmission range and avoid the hassle of laying cables or obtaining permits, a particularly important advantage in the case of historic buildings, industrial facilities and other challenging locations.

Zasięg radiowej transmisji z kamer CVI

Schema 1. Comparison of range in CVI monitoring based on wireless transmission and wired transmission


Przykładowa konfiguracja monitoringu dla kamer CVI

Schema 2. Diagram shows the installation of wireless surveillance supporting 7 CVI cameras and 1 IP camera using only two operating channels


QARA CVI wireless system from CAMSAT

CAMSAT is the first company on the market to design and launch a wireless HD-CVI (QARA CVI) transmission system. It is a reliable system for wireless video transmission designed for cameras supporting HDCVI, one of the most advanced analog HD technologies. QARA CVI can wirelessly receive Full HD signal from analog cameras. In addition to its low costs of deployment, this technology enables easy switching from the “old” PAL system to a newer standard that offers much better image quality.

CAMSAT has integrated three standards in one device - EVIF multi-receiver

Qara CVI is the first series of wireless analog HD systems from CAMSAT. The first products in the series are a CVI transmitter and a multi-purpose EVIF-Multi receiver, which also supports the other standards (AHD and TVI). The receiver can work with a hybrid HD-CVI recorder and any recorder with ONVIF 2.0 support. It can be used for transmitting a wireless signal to a hybrid CVI, AHD or TVI recorder, or any NVR network recorder that supports ONVIF 2.0 cameras. This means you that can connect HD-CVI cameras to recorders supporting other standards, such as AHD or HD-TVI, from many different manufacturers.

Digital quality of the QARA-CVI wireless system

QARA CVI is an innovative system for wireless transmission of HD-CVI signal for up to 2,000 metres, while preserving digital transmission quality. Unlike commonly used, interference-prone analog systems, this coded digital system uses OFDM modulation, which makes it resistant to interference and the signal being reflected by the walls or other obstacles. The signal is encoded using the latest security standards, which have not been breached by anyone.

One transmitter, three audio inputs

The QARA CVI wireless system operates in the free 5 GHz band to transmit images wirelessly to any recorder with ONVIF 2.0 support. This innovative system can work in any multipoint-to-point configuration, which means that up to four transmitters can be connected to one receiver, which significantly reduces installation costs, and up to two cameras can be connected to one transmitter, making the system design much simpler. The system is quick and easy to set up, ensuring smooth installation and use.

It supports up to 16 channels in the free 5 GHz band, which are permitted within Europe. In some non-EU countries, additional operating channels can be used.

21st-century design

Another benefit of the QARA CVI system is its modern casing made of the ASA material. The casing was designed in cooperation with the design company known for its widely acclaimed PESA trains, which are popular across Europe. The colour or the casing follows the latest trends in architecture. The casing itself provides robustness and protection, while its modern design improves the aesthetics of the surveillance system and the site of its installation.

CAMSAT – a leader in wireless transmission

With the launch of its new systems, CAMSAT makes an even more dynamic entry onto the European market. With the QARA and EVIF products the users are no longer limited to a single standard. The QARA CVI line, and the planned SILAR and BRASS series, address the needs of customers in the CCTV industry. CAMSAT will soon expand its range to include systems supporting the AHD and TVI standards. Besides image and audio transmission, future QARA CVI models will also support wireless PTZ camera control.

You can learn more about this and other new features of CAMSAT products at the Securex 2016 trade fair. The CAMSAT’s booth will be located in hall 7A, stand 30.

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