How to make video CCTV city monitoring in 2 days without projects?

Top 15 parameters and applications of the rapid deployment camera.
Professional PTZ CCTV camera powered by lighting lanterns!

Now it is not a problem.
     In all such situations you can install city monitoring in a short time, in 2 days, without any projects or permits. iCAM-MobileHD II from the Polish company CAMSAT is a professional camera for quick mounting in places requiring permanent or temporary CCTV monitoring. This innovative camera installed, for example, on a streetlight twilight lamp is charged at night, and during the day it runs on its own battery power, which guarantees continuous 24-hour monitoring. The possibility of using any IP camera, e.g. Bosch, Hikvision, Dahua, Axis, Avigilon, Wisenet, Pelco etc. and any VMS (Video Management System) server or NVR (Network Video Recorder), e.g. BVMS, DSS, Milestone, QNAP, Smart PSS etc. makes it possible to add additional cameras to existing CCTV monitoring.


   iCAM-MobileHD II is a self-sufficient camera with its own internal power supply for 12-16 hours and internal backup of HD image recordings up to 90 days. Just insert the plug into the power socket, turn the key in the ignition and after 30 seconds the PTZ camera monitors the area within a radius of up to 300m. Completely wireless with an unlimited range - LTE and 5GHz iCAM-MobileHD II comes as standard with the latest 4G / LTE wireless connection providing double LTE coverage. The ability to use up to two SIM cards from different operators provides a much greater range when moving the camera to a new location. The unique feature is possibility of charging the mobile camera at minus temperatures as low as -20°C without decreasing the quality of the battery. The IP camera mounted on the lightpost during the night hours is quickly charged, and during the day it works on battery power. It gives the possibility of continuous 24-hour camera operation almost anywhere in the city and commune. In addition, quick and easy change of camera location causes high confusion for potential criminals and the possibility of quick response to reported cases.

The latest CAMSAT camera model for city monitoring has such features as:

     Mobile camera for monitoring: Garbage dumps, mass events and security, dangerous streets and intersections, observations from a long distance. Temporary camera for observation of rivers and flood embankments.
Designed for: Municipal Guards (Municipal Guards), Special Services, Crisis Management Teams of City Offices, dam monitoring, city CCTV monitoring.

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