Construction site monitoring

We want to present you a special construction camera - iConstruction-CAM designed for remote and completely wireless monitoring of construction sites. The camera is already successfully used by large construction and development companies.

As a construction manager:

  • You can remotely monitor subcontractors and the quality of their work in a radius of up to 200m from the camera.
  • You will improve the timeliness of works and supervise the work even during your absence.
  • You will limit trips to a minimum by remotely monitoring all your construction sites by 24h/7 from anywhere in the world.
  • You will ensure safety for employees and 24/7 security for building materials
  • You can instantly move the camera to a new location or a new construction site without an electrician.
  • You will ensure effective working time and respond quickly to failures. You have a preview of what is happening on your construction sites 24/7.

 As a director of a construction / development company:

  • You get a live image directly from the construction on your TV in the office, regardless of the distance, all over the country. You can also display a live HD image on your laptop and smartphone.
  • Remotely view images from several construction sites around the country.
  • Precisely control the camera and observe even the farthest part of the square
  • You record video of working time, materials used and their quantity, work steps, possible accidents and theft.
  • You gain promotional material. You can display live image on any website or make a time-lapse movie showing "several months of work in 3 minutes"

 iConstruction-CAM is a completely wireless LTE camera with parameters adapted to the harsh conditions in the construction industry:

  • A steel and strong construction made of duralumin
  • Direct power supply from a 230V socket or an extension cord
  • LTE wireless link requiring only "one line of LTE coverage "
  • Emergency power supply for 4h
  • Record video images for 10 days

We have been trusted by the largest construction companies! Try the mobile camera on your site for FREE. Contact us and we'll give you more information.

Our systems work on the largest construction sites of general contractors, increasing the company's competitiveness on the market among investors.

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