For AHD cameras

The CAM8h-AHD is a line of products for radio signal transmission from the AHD cameras (analog HD). It supports the camera:

  • AHD-M (1,3 Mpx / 960p, 720p),
  • AHD-L (1 Mpx / 960H),
  • PAL (576p) / NTSC,
  • CVBS.

It enables signal transmission at distance up to 600 meters with line of sight (LoS).

Works on frequencies:

  • from 5725 MHz to 5875 MHz,
  • from 5350 MHz to 5875 MHz.


Devices are equipped with anti-interference filters, which greatly improves image quality for transmission over long distances.

In addition, each unit is equipped with surge protectors.

The transmitter and receiver enables the connection of a standard coaxial cable and twisted pair (UTP).

In the AHD transmitter you can select the signal input, which is transmitted to the receiver (BNC or UTP). Additionally, if the transmitter is connected to the camera using the UTP cable then signal is transmitted to the BNC and also is transmitted by radio. In this case, it allows to connect eg. the monitor service.

In the AHD receiver signal is transmitted simultaneously on both connectors. Therefore, you can connect the recorder at the same time (by UTP) and a service monitor (BNC).

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