For PAL/NTSC cameras

Analog monitoring designed for wireless transmission of video, audio and data via radio from PAL/NTSC cameras. Analog systems guarantee high image quality that is comparable with systems using wires to transmit signals between the camera and the monitor / recorder.

Produced by us for the radio transmission of video and audio devices are easy to install and configure. Additionally, if you later need to change the location of the cameras, the investor does not cover additional costs related to the modernization of the CCTV (you will not need to re-lay cables).

Selected systems from our offer allow, besides sending video and audio, also remote control of cameras using the PTZ keyboard (Pan Tilt Zoom). The control is performed using the RS485 protocol. Radio signal transmission takes place in real time, without any delay and loss of signal quality.

In our offer you will find both systems intended for installation in facilities and devices equipped with a hermetic casing, designed for installation in outdoor installations.

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