LTE 4G and 3G

Fast installed camera systems for temporary deployment, equipped with a 4G LTE radio transmission module operate in accordance with the European LTE standard in all European countries and in many countries outside Europe. iCAM systems can also be adapted to other countries from outside Europe. For more details please contact CAMSAT technical department.


SIM cards for LTE Internet

iCAM systems work with any GSM LTE SIM card. The best transmission parameters in the case of iCAM equipment are obtained with LTE card with a fixed external IP address. This allows direct access to the camera in the same way as for a wired camera.

iCAM systems enable smooth preview and PTZ control of the camera. This is a very useful feature of online preview that requires a lot of LTE data transfer. LTE cards with large data transfer or cards without data limits are recommended.

Camsat can provide an assistance in choosing the best LTE Internet offer in a given country.


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