Wireless TV transmitters

Designed for CCTV and TV systems devices and accessories include modern, reliable solutions, which might be used in various, even the most demanding conditions. Each wireless video sender transmitter telemetric and relay system, antenna and other accessories included in our offer guarantee stable, high quality video/audio and data transmission

TV transmitter - product group

For HD-SDI cameras

Great quality (720i/25 – 1080p/60) and virtually no latency place Black Link HD5 amongst top models selected by TV professionals. For those who are excited about the possibilities of drones we have also prepared BL Drone – wireless video transmitter designed to be used with drones! Catch the most spectacular angles and shots and send the signal with no delay.

For PAL/NTSC cameras

Encrypted by 128-bit identification code, the V-Link SD5 wireless TV transmitter allows to send the signal up to 100 meters or even 500 meters indoors. For professional cameraman it is a major convenience, as reaching the most interesting spots during an event is much simpler. At the same time, the video and sound quality remain excellent.


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