Elevators monitoring

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Produced by CAMSAT wireless systems for elevators provide robust connectivity in difficult operating conditions that occur when moving the elevator. Steel construction, cables and inverters located in the elevator shaft significantly affect the quality of the radio signal. A plurality of signal reflections adversely affect the stability of the transmission. By using our systems, digital modulation and a special multi-protocol video guarantees uninterrupted operation for consistent high image quality.

Radio receivers of some our wireless systems can receive signals from up to 4 video transmitters.


Example of elevator monitoring using a video and audio transmission system CDS-5021 STR.

CDS-5021 STR (Tx) transmitter is mounted on the roof of the lift, and a camera is connected to the transmitter by wire. The image and sound is transmitted from the lift cabin to the CDS-5021 receiver (Rx) located in a separate room or in the trunk, and then by cable it is transferred to the recorder.


Special systems for elevators are divided into categories depending on the camera used:

Wireless systems for elevators with IP cameras

CDS-LiftIP transmisja sygnału z kamer IP w windach


Transmission module for IP cameras


Wireless systems for elevators with CVI cameras



The radio transmitter (Transmitter) signal from the cameras HD-CVI



Radio receiver (Receiver) of the signal from the transmitter QARA CVI

Wireless systems for elevators with analog PAL/CVBS cameras



The transmission of video and audio cameras PAL/CVBS

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