Estate Monitoring


The wireless monitoring system of the estate not only serves to record dangerous events but also discourages potential offenders.


Video surveillance is planned in practically every newly built housing estate. However, more and more often, due to their reliability, even existing residential communities decide to install such devices. In the latter case, the best solution is to use wireless transmission. Using it will save not only the installer's time, it will also greatly reduce the installation cost.

The advantage of CCTV monitoring is also the ability to observe, record and control cameras from one point, for example, the security room in which the monitoring devices are located. Thanks to this, one employee at the same time is able to control a large area such as a single family housing estate or a housing estate block.


How to choose a monitoring system of the estate

Many manufacturers of video equipment and recording equipment are available on the market. The offer of cameras and recorders is so rich that it is very difficult to decide which equipment will be the best for monitoring a given facility. That is why it is important to put yourself in the hands of professionals who design such installations to avoid confusion when selecting equipment and later use.


How much does monitoring the settlement cost?

The prices of CCTV equipment have fallen considerably, so even smaller or poorer districts can afford such expenditure. It is worth mentioning that such systems can operate around the clock, and with special functions, monitor even at night using night mode. It is often the case that the cameras are at a considerable distance from the DVR or are very distracted. Often, the cost of wiring from cameras to recorders is very high, so we recommend the use of wireless video transmission systems. Wireless devices significantly reduce installation costs, the cost of laying cables, the cost of additional licenses, and no damage to existing infrastructure. Wireless devices not only transmit video, sound, alarms, but also control PTZ. In addition, they provide all functions that have IP cameras or recorders. They can, like the CDS-6IPMulti, have the ability to power a PoE camera directly from the transmitter and connect up to 4 IP cameras directly to one transmitter, significantly reducing installation costs.


Monitor wireless neighborhoods

CAMSAT is a manufacturer of wireless video, sound and camera control equipment with 12 years of experience. You can find transmission systems for IP camerasAHDCVI and CVBS. Wireless signal transmission using our products provides signal quality that does not compromise the quality of the signal transmitted through the wire. Below you will find an example of a residential monitoring installation that we have based on IP products that allow for easy expansion of additional cameras and the ability to view images on mobile devices.


Exemplary city monitoring installation based on IP cameras and CDS-6IPeco wireless transmission system and CDS-6IPMulti




The monitoring center is located in the office building number 1 . The CCTV system was created using CDS-6IPecoCDS-6IP / SMACDS-6IPMulti.

The CDS-6IPeco module sends the signal from the office building 1A to the CDS-6IPeco module located on the building 1.

The signal from 3 IP cameras located in parking lot 2A is sent from the CDS-6IPMulti transmitter to the CDS-6IP / SMA receiver located on the roof of the building . The signal from the shopping center 2B, hospital 2C, can not be sent directly to the monitoring center 1 due to blocking it from the office building (lack of optical visibility).

Rx CDS-6IP / SMA radio receiver with omnidirectional antenna is located on building 2 and receives signal from Tx transmitters located on buildings 2A2B2C. The signal from the output of the Rx receiver using the cable is connected to the transmitter from which the signal is transmitted directly to the Rx receiver on the building 1.

The image of the cameras located on the pitch 3A, sports hall  3B  and the car park 3C are transmitted via the transmitter (Tx) to the receiver (Rx) on the office building 3. The receiver on the office building 3 is connected via a wire to the transmitter located on the same building. The transmitter transmits the signal to the receiver located in the monitoring center.


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