Mass events monitoring

Organizing concerts or other mass events puts the organizers on a number of tasks. One of the most important is ensuring the safety of the participants. However, the installation of standard monitoring is often impossible, especially when the event is held outdoors. Lack of infrastructure causes significant difficulties for companies responsible for safety.

CAMSAT has developed iCAM-MobileHD - a dedicated device for this type of applications. The iCAM-MobileHD mobile camera requires no installation or special mounting space. Thanks to universal grips it can be placed on any pole, wall or vehicle.

iCAM-MobileHD also does not require permanent power supply, it has a built-in rechargeable battery for 12-16 hours of operation, so in most cases no power is required during the whole events.

But organizing mass events requires not only security but also media service. CAMSAT also offers Black Link - wireless broadcasting system for TV signals, transmitting live signals, without compression and delay, in Full HD resolution.

Mobile HD camera city



Mobile HD camera system for city monitoring



LTE module for iCAM-MobileHD monitoring by GSM LTE mobile web

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