Monitoring garbage dumps

Mandatory monitoring of landfills? Will it help the plague of fires?

Undoubtedly, garbage dumps fires are not incidental events and there are more and more of them. The State Fire Service confirms the increase in statistics on waste fires in landfills:

• 2010 - 59 interventions,

• 2013 and 2014 - around 100 interventions

• 2016 - 117 interventions

• 2017 - 132 interventions

• Until 28 May 2018 - 85 interventions

[source: Gazeta pomorska, 12/07/2018]


What are the most important changes in waste management waiting for us?

Unfortunately, fires cause a big environmental pollution and are a huge problem for residents of nearby towns and villages. That is why the deputies urgently dealt with burning dumps. The Minister of Environment Henryk Kowalczyk assessed that "September 1st is a realistic date", when the new regulations could become effective. Will it be so? Time will show.

The environmental department is the author of the projects. He points out that the main objectives of the amendment are to seal the system and combat pathologies in the waste management and to strengthen environmental inspectors.

The changes to be introduced by the amendment to the Waste Act and the Environmental Protection Inspection Act include:

• introduction of guarantee deposits

• obligatory monitoring of landfills

• intervention checks without announcement

• shortening the waste storage period from 3 years to 1 year


Why monitoring and is it really needed?

The obligation to implement a monitoring system, if it is well designed, can be significantly improved. Proceedings at landfill fires conducted by prosecutors may find a quick finale, thanks to evidence materials in the form of video recordings.

The word monitoring nowadays has a completely different meaning and possibilities than a few years ago. Camera systems such as iCAM-MobileHD II or iCAM-PowerHD are small, complete video surveillance points. They can have a registration, objects tracking or detect a source of elevated temperature. These are solutions that will inform us about the threat by SMS or e-mail, and even enable the activation of additional devices, i.e. halogens, loudspeakers.

Services such as the Police or Municipal Guard have no doubts. Damage caused as a result of this type of crime can not be reversed. And the monitoring cameras deter the bandits. They help not only in catching red-handed and punishing for crimes already committed. They cause that the number of such accidents is much smaller, which makes the area around us become safer.

And what if the dump does not have a constant power supply, and the storage place is in the middle of the forest?

No power is not a problem. There are already a lot of solutions on the market that can be used in case of lack of constant power supply.

Camsat mobile cameras are systems that allow uninterrupted 24/7 work in places without infrastructure. They have a battery power system that allows you to work up to 6 days with a small size of the device itself. Assembly is not a problem, because the device can be hung even on a tree, pole or building.

Solar energy can be an alternative and support for battery power. Sun and wind sets are already available, and can provide camera power 365 days a year! The technology that allows the use of solar and wind energy is developing dynamically and creates wide possibilities even in our moderate climate zone.

What is important in case of closing the landfill or transferring it to another place, the iCAM-MobileHD camera system can be quickly relocated and within a few hours the image can be transmitted from another point.

The middle of the forest for our devices is a location like any other. The device can operate using the radio transmissions as well as the GSM / LTE network. For the LTE transmission you only need a SIM card, eg simCAM, which will allow you to transfer data without any limits.

iCAM mobile cameras give a lot of opportunities for people who are busy and who value their time. One of them is a preview on the smartphone or laptop wherever we are and the possibility to remotely control the camera or preview recorded images.

What's the next step?

Get ready for good changes! Write to and ask for a quote for the monitoring system.

In order for the quote to be precisely tailored to your specific needs, we need a few details from you:

• location, area to be monitored

• whether there is power supply on the spot where monitoring is to be carried out

• whether the area is well-lit during the night

• what is the purpose of the observation, e.g. motion detection, facial recognition, etc.

Your problem, our project!

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